VentureBeat review: Skyrim is far greater than the sum of its parts

Sebastian Haley writes about Skyrim for VentureBeat. It has a surprising number of annoyances for a big title.

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StraightPath2439d ago

unknown site should be banned for this site how dare they not give 10/10 lol

aviator1892439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Haha, so true.
I hate it when review sites give games 89s...
I bet they were thinking this:
"Hey, let's give the skyrim its first non-90+ score so we'll get hits, but wait, we don't want to get hate mails or get nasty threats, so we'll just give it a high 80s score."

MariaHelFutura2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

That would funny especially considering its 8.9

Oh well, 8.9 is still a great score.

Deadman_Senji2439d ago

Or ya know...maybe Skyrim really isn't a 10/10 game

Maybe such a thing really doesn't exist. Maybe, just maybe the whole numbered rating system is and always has been retarded.

KonGreat2439d ago

It is retarded, because each game has a different rating to different people's opinions.
It's like some people think MW3 deserves 9's or 10's even, while other just believe it should be 6's, or even a 2. But it should actually depend on what the person is writing, if he's writing 'OMG THIS GAME IS FUCKING AWESOME BECAUSE ITS COD.' or 'ITS COD4 DLC' then there's something flawed with the review and the score shouldn't really be considered.

Deadman_Senji2439d ago

Exactly; and people love to just skip through the wall of text to see if the number favors their predetermined bias or exuberant expectations. That's not the way it should work.

NeoBasch2439d ago

Hey guys, suck it up. It's just a score. Everyone has a different opinion. Didn't we learn our lesson with Gears 3, Uncharted 3, and Arkham City?

Bigpappy2439d ago

I have read this review and I feel like it has too many spoilers. But, I wanted to understand what his complaints were. They are kind of ligit, but he never revealed what difficulty he was playing and he seemed to review this more as a sim than a game.

Despite his complaints, he confected that there is no better RPG on any platform. So the 8.9/10 means that eventhought it may be among the best games he has ever played.

2438d ago