How Will You Play Skyrim?

DeltaGamer's Elder Scrolls Week continues as they ask: how will YOU play Skyrim?

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Bleucrunch2291d ago

To try and be as strong and intelligent as possible (magic is key) so that those dragons do not shove their fire breath up my A$$....I pray you all can suffer through that ordeal...SKYRIM you will not conquer me!

Angrymorgan2291d ago

Was gonna use a controller but considering telepathy :)

Bleucrunch2291d ago

lmao lmao lmao....hilarious....I have no acquired that skill so I need to learn it..let me know your rates when available....(clears throat)

YoMma2291d ago

There's just so much freedom. Such a refreshing change and it brings back a lot of nostalgia for me from Oblivion and Morrowind. Very excited for multiple characters and playthroughs.

wallis2291d ago

Like a complete and utter bastard. And like a hero. And like a sneaky thief. And like a hard brawling nutter. And like a magician, and a charmer, and a fast smooth talker, and as a rich son of a bitch, and maybe as a vampire, or a werewolf.

I'm pretty much gonna play it every damn way I can.

Graey2291d ago

First i plan on dabbling in character creation until I make a character resembling me. Then after the initial opening segment I plan on just taking it all in.

Hopefully I can get a house fairly quick so I can have a BoO (base of operation).
I plan on playing a redguard, not sure what their skills are but hopefully they are in line with a theif. If not then I'll have to tweak it a bit to make it so. Also I'll be taking up archery and 1 handed weapons. I mostly want to turn invisible and sneak around. However there is this blue bow with blue arrows that I want so bad and really that's the only reason I'm taking up archery lol.

I plan on being blind to the world for 2 days starting 12:01 am tomorrow morning.

Halochampian2291d ago

Keyboard and mouse? (had to)

But I always try to be an all-around player. Jack of all trades.. master of none

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The story is too old to be commented.