The PlayStation Experience

Spread over nearly 10,000 sq ft, 32 PS3s, 14 Ps2s, 18 PSPs, and 50 Bravias, the PlayStation Experience was by far one of the biggest game-related expos Mumbai has seen till date. The two-day event was held at Taj Land's End in Bandra on November 24-25, and was Sony's way of inducting non-gamers into the world of next-generation consoles, social games, handheld gaming, and much more.

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rushbd3884d ago

I wish they did that in bangladesh. SOny in promoting bravias here. foolish really. very little amount here has the money to buy one.

Xbox is the BEST3884d ago

the PS experience 2 gens. PS#1 was the better experience no hype.

Hydrollex3884d ago


1- Sony leads electronics
2- More experince
3- All PS series were doing bad at the first but at the last they all won. (PS2 and PS1 )

---PS3 Wins---

Bubble me FTW

Hydrollex3884d ago

When Bill Gates was going to college, Sony was making TVs. When Bill Gates finished college, Sony made PS1. Now Bill Gates is playing with Sony and that's why it sucks.

Hydrollex3884d ago

at sucking !! I bought an Xbox 360 to put on back of my bycicle with it's 3 Red Rings of death so cars can see me at night.

I recomend to buy an Xbox 360 for lighting especially christmas is coming and you need good lighting ! + It also play games lol jk

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