Skyrim: Beautiful PS3 Gameplay Footage That You Should Not Miss

GB : Confused about which platform to buy Skyrim for? Don't be, as we have some splendid videos for you. The game at the current state is actually a lot better than Bethesda's previous works like Fallout 3. It is impressive that they shipped an amazing game.


More videos on the site.

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StraightPath2173d ago

95% Metacritic deserves more higher

Skyrim is up with the highest rated games this year

Batman AC
Portal 2

MysticStrummer2173d ago

Please stop looking at Metacritic. Let that useless site die.

JoshuaN4G2172d ago

Also I wish people would stop caring about review scores and actually focus on the review. Getting rid of Metacritic would probably help with this.

inveni02172d ago

The game still has Bethesda's crappy animations. I can't believe they haven't worked on them at all. It's terrible. The gameplay, sound, etc. is all great. But those animations really knock down the graphics score in my book. No higher than an 8 from this guy. A 9 overall, so far.

(And yes, I'm playing it. Found a place willing to break street date.)

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2173d ago

lolololololololololololol..... aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhahahahhahahaha hahahhahahahahah

OMG, OMG, epic, please tell me that was not just a glitch. Epic giant sledgehammer combo FTW !!!


by that disagree I take it that means it was not a glitch? wicked!! I am going to hunt me down some giants and hopefully take some flying lessons, lolol.

ninjahunter2172d ago

Lol, A bunch of reviewers are saying this happens :P Get yo kite kids, time for some flying lessons.

Godmars2902173d ago

Pity that wasn't an upswing, would have made more sense.

kma2k2173d ago

Gamefly just sent me my copy, they sent the 360 version since i had both in my q. IM a little concerned now with the talk of the 360 bug with textrues being all jacked up if you install the game on the hdd. I hope it isnt true! But either way im stupid excited to play skyrim

MRMagoo1232172d ago

The ps3 version is better by a margin if you can swap.

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The story is too old to be commented.