Overwhelmed Pure Awesome or Cruelest Troll Ever? Skyrim & SWTOR?

This weekend, the mighty weekend of 11/11/11, the release of the highly anticipated Skyrim, the weekend circled in a pudgy red permanent marker with a smiley face, the weekend so many have been waiting for… has finally come; so many prepared to pick the game up at midnight tonight (yay). But then something else happened.

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lifesanrpg2260d ago

I too was invited to beta this weekend...and guess what, my girlfriend picked this weekend to go to Disney!!!

Is there anybody i can beg to get invited next weekend instead!?

coolbeans2260d ago

Solution: Send me the beta code. :P

Pralay2260d ago

I too. Am in this boat. QQ.

pctrollv42260d ago

i am indeed, howeve rill pick swtor since i canceled pre order cause its whack and now its free till i ge tpaid next week to buy skyrim. Also, i got 4 beta invites, 1 full 3 weekend, which ill give to some friends and we shall all join and destroy the sith! doesnt change that its a whack ass game, since ive played beta twice and htis is my third and last invite, which they owed me cause some nigga stole my swtor acct.

Graey2260d ago

haha i got that beta invite. Its my 3rd one. However upon playing the first beta I already knew I was going to buy the game so lucky me. I'm playing Skyrim as soon as it drops.

To all above. Play skyrim first and after say 6 hours...switch. I loved the beta for star wars and if you haven't played it I think you will too.

lifesanrpg2260d ago

So they do send more than one invite? That is good news!

2260d ago