More BF3 Patch Details, Tactical Light, Jets, Choppers, and Weapon Recoil Explained

MP1st - "A wealth of information has recently surfaced regarding aspects of Battlefield 3 that DICE is looking into patching."

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Criminal2443d ago

I can't wait for the patch, but it seems like a big patch that will address every major and minor problem in the game, so I'll wait as long as they get everything fixed.

Mister_V2443d ago

I think this game will be a masterpiece in a couple months. According to the podcast with Kertz, they're gonna be spending a lot of time tweaking things until its just perfect.

DasBunker2443d ago

yeah it cant come soon enough... only thing that really bothers me is the input lag on PS3.. never had this issue with BC2.. i can overlook the disconnecting problems and imbalances, but not this

MRMagoo1232443d ago

Input lag? I have had no problems with anything like that and i have the ps3 version, the only problem i have had is being randomly dcd from servers.

REDGUM2442d ago

Ya know what I liked best about your comment mate..... masterpiece in the coming MONTHS. amn right this game is and will be epic for many many months to come, not weeks like other MP games. See ya on the battlefield.

Cosmit2442d ago

Try switching to Game mode on your TV if its an HD one.

Trunkz Jr2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

How about the chat box, anyone find this to be annoying? They need to make it more better in every way (visually). Also i would like to be able to still say GG to others once the match is over, I know their tiny things but they shouldn't be hard to add.

Persistantthug2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

They were supposed to fix that with the beta and now it's been over 2 weeks since the why's it taking so long?

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towelie12882443d ago

sweeet cant wait some things look good about the patch

Mister_V2443d ago

I love DICE's gun balance. I think it makes sense to me and also doesn't make things too easy.

towelie12882443d ago

there is toooo many guns i like in this game
i don't have time to use them all lol
i just try and keep switching it up lol

Majin-vegeta2443d ago

Just fix the green screen that flickers every once in awhile and the voice communication on PS3 and i'm good.

PR_FROM_OHIO2443d ago

I agree they have to fix the chat problems on the PS3 i hate not being able to talk with friends while playing BF3!

kikizoo2442d ago

Exactly, i'ts a shame after more than 2 weeks they've not fixed this unusual problem.

MRMagoo1232443d ago

Green screen that flickers ? i havent seen that yet. The chat issues i hope will be fixed tho it was the same as BFBC online play too

MRMagoo1232443d ago

Im not getting that at all ive put a few hours into online so far like around 12, that vid was from the beta too but if it has persisted perhaps its not a game issue but more a tv connection issue. It does seem very annoying tho so i am very grateful it doesnt happen to me.

red2tango2443d ago

Only complain I have is that I can't leave a game after it's done.

Criminal2443d ago

Yeah I find that annoying too. Also, the fact that I can't change my load-out while the "killcam" is playing.

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The story is too old to be commented.