The Bearded Gamer Show - Episode 3: Battlefield 3 vs. Modern Warfare 3

In this episode: Dead Rising 2 DLC, a Legend of Zelda 3DS, Modern Warfare 3, XCOM and Spec Ops: The Line are in the news. Steve Jobs gets his revenge, a hilarious new commercial for the new Call of Duty, and of course, The Bearded Gamer's own head-to-head as Battlefield 3 squares off against Modern Warfare 3.

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naznatips2356d ago

I choose neither. Too many shooters thanks. Give me some awesome action adventure games with epic singleplayer campaigns.

bmw692356d ago

How about Goldeneye Reloaded?

Runa2162356d ago

how about Bulletstorm? That was my favorite shooter this year, followup so far: Resistane 3. Both were fun. Plus I've not played Battlefeild or Modern warfare or Gears 3 yet.

2356d ago