PSM3 Blog: How new franchises are on the way back in

UK Playstation 3 mag takes a look at new game franchise's on the PS3.

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gamesblow3829d ago

That's what kills me about idiot gamers... sony has gave us new IPs and tried somehting different at every turn and people are just passing on them. It makes no sense... people would rather play MAdden and Devil May cry for the 50th time than to venture into new IP. Whatever... I refuse to buy into run of the mill junk... and I won't support it. I'm new IP all the way!

Snukadaman3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

127K on its 2nd week...aint even 10% of the base of ps3 owners...I have too agree with you...heavenly sword....lair...what makes it more terrible is its on the superior console.

you should use those reading comprehension skills of yours...the first guy talks about how no one is open too new ips..and i gave a few examples..dont worry ill play those games when i get my ps3....and dont kid yourself...uncharted selling less then 200K in its 2nd week is terrible no matter how you spin it. there goes all those excuses of it selling on the 16th. with 2 and a half million ps3's out there a game so acclaimed as uncharted should be doing way better. just accept it.

sorry skerj but with ps3 owners not agreeing with you on those games are worth buying you cant convince someone who needs a reason too buy a ps3 in the first place.

oh and not too be a hypocrite..mass effect did bomb as well selling 192K..but its too be expected since most rpg's do terrible on xbox 360...look at blue dragon,eternal sonata, and enchanted arms.

Danja3829d ago

Uncharted is doing quite for ur Heavenly Sword and Lair comment...have you played those games..?

Heavenly is one of the best games games to be releaed all year...ohh it's about 8-10HRS of gameplay

Lair-is a good game also..the controls didn't just had a steep learning had some repetitve missions and a flawed targeting system...yes..but nothing to make the game..horrible..unplayable as reviewers would have led you to believe...

Skerj3829d ago

Can't speak for Lair, but I own Heavenly Sword and Uncharted. Have you played either of them? They're good games despite what sales numbers say, Uncharted especially should be played by everyone with a PS3.

TheHater3829d ago

QFT. I have more new IP's on my most wanted list, that actually Sequels.
I own Heavenly Sword, Resistance, Lair, going to get Uncharted later this week. And I love those games.

gamesblow3829d ago

Snuka you musta failed in math, like you do in life... Cause your adding is pretty terrible. Uncharted came out on the 19th... So, how is that 2 weeks? Also, you're going by VG charts, right? A site that lied and said the xbox 360 sold 100,000 more than it really did last month and a site that said they haven't tabulated blackfriday sales for this week on hardware, yet... had the software sales??? Please... if that's your saving grace you better tie that noose a little loose tonight, Jackson.

Basically, you've been owned by Gamesblow. Get use to it.

Snukadaman3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

thats what I am referring to on the it looks like you played yourself blow.

cant argue with people when they dont want too see your point...2 weeks on vgchartz...dont add up too 2 whole weeks I understand...but if by the 2nd week and 127k and after seeing ratchet and clank numbers do you both honestly think there will be a big boost? I think not. but hey..whatever.

gamesblow3829d ago

How can it be the 2nd week? That's what I'm asking you... the 19th... So, either you or they're wrong and inconsistent... Take your pick! You cannot tabulate sales in broekn segments like they do and be viable. Uncharted was released on the 19th... Stores didn't get it until Tuesday and Wed of last week. Today is the 28th... Blackfriday was just 4 days ago... Do you honesty believe they have tabulated the correct sales for that day in such a short amount of time? Even more so when they've never released numbers EVER! In the middle of the week before????

Ask yourself these question and then get back to me on the fact Uncharted was released on the 19th and since my math isn't very good either.. I'm still racking my brain as to how that is 2 weeks of sales???

Basically, one of you is inconsistent...

SmokeyMcBear3829d ago

wow snuka.. nice comeback.. well its because vgcharts says its the second week.. becuz.. thats why.. doesn't that even make you question vgchart numbers even more, sayint its on the second week, when it barely release no 8 days ago?? wow man.. denial must be nice

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Peekay3829d ago

Now not only have Sony got proven franchises to show for during the next year or so, but they are also sitting on the likes an Uncharted sequel, RFOM sequel, HS 2 MS2. Absolutey amazing. Hell i'll even take Lair 2 =P

No offence to Microsoft, but they blew their load in one year with proven franchises with the exception of gears. The only known proven IP that Sony realeased this year was R & C.

killer_trap3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

it takes new ip's sometime to establish themselves as major franchises.
it's not like final fantasy or metal gear were hits right from the start. and as with every generation sony just keeps impressing me with new ip's that are of major quality. you can list at least six new ones in it's first year alone.

not only that but most old ip's keep improving, just go play ratchet and clank you will see a definite improvement in gameplay(i didn't say graphics cause that would be a given, it's on ps30. and when it comes to variety. they sure as hell take the cake, especially for someone not keen on fps like me.

gtgcoolkid3829d ago

it will be some time before uncharted becomes big as most ips take time to establish themselves. the sequels always have easier time selling faster as the people are introduced to them.

gamesblow3829d ago

My final note on this subject is this... These dev's are giving you something new. An alternative.. they're giving you a choice of basic been there and done it and seen it all gameplay or ... their take on next gen. Uncharted is new... it's awesome. People who miss out on it are only holding themselves back and the industry... Same with Mass Effect.. these are the games people need to be buying, cause these companies will say why go thru the trouble anymore... if we can't sell something new and good over something basic and tried "devil may cry" what's the point?

You people who aren't buying these killer new games are hurting everyone... It's ashame when Madden or WWE games outsell Mass Effect and Uncharted... A real shame.

TheHater3829d ago

i agree with you 100%. It really bad that people will actually buy Madden and WWE games, and all that was added to it was a roster update. It a real shame I tell you. While great games such as Mass Effect and Uncharted is being push aside games that are really bad, and was the same game from last year.