L.A. Noire director: Traditional animation a "Frankenstein approach"

L.A. Noire director and ex-Team Bondi head Brendan McNamara slams traditional animation as “a Frankenstein approach to characters”.

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Perjoss2413d ago

It obviously depends on the type of game in question. Motion capture is great for real life type characters but traditional hand animation is just so much more interesting to watch.

KingPin2413d ago

totally agree.

the animation should be judged on the art style of the game. if its more "kid-based" characters, i wouldnt be so critical of the animation. im talking games like rachet and clank, sly cooper, spyro etc. <P.S i dont mean those games for kids only, i played em all but i take it you get my point>

games like Skyrim, GTA etc that tries to be "serious" in a sense should go for motion capture.

2413d ago