Activision CEO: $199 for consoles critical (Reuters)

Kotick said the PlayStation 3, whose lowest-priced model costs $400, was a good product, but that Nintendo Co Ltd's (7974.OS: Quote, Profile, Research) wildly popular Wii was setting the standard for the industry. The Wii now costs $250, while the cheapest Xbox 360 is $280.

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Anything but Cute3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Somewhere along the way, consoles got lost. And forgot that they should be entertainment for families and everyone.

Only Wii remembered that.

PS3 especially with the Super Mega beast $799 plus requires a top of the line HDTV with 1080P. My guess is that it's not gonna sell so much like that.

There fixing that now, and adapting to be more consumer friendly for what is in demand now. But to me that was their problem from the start.

ChickeyCantor3889d ago

2 disagrees and no explaining why.

frubblze for you

xplosneer3889d ago

The PS3 was never $799 and it never required an HDTV.

Rooftrellen3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Anything, have some bubbles.

How you only have three, I don't know (ok, I probably do, I quoted an artcle that said something about the PS3 being obsolete, and got 100+ disagrees...for quoting an article and asking for an explination.)

Unfortuantely, when you say something painfully obvious, it causes pain in the hearts of fanboys.

I can only hope Nintendo keeps the spirit of gaming in their consoles...I really don't want a $400 media center.

Edit: Yes, exactly. I have a computer for that, and if I want to, I can do some gaming on it, if a title isn't on the Wii (note my computer isn't quite $400, but it would be $400 of the same thing my computer can do).

ChickeyCantor3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

but thats what the Ps3 is about right? HD gaming?
without an hdtv i dont think the Ps3 is what its suppose to be.

thats why you have a pc...right i right *wink* *wink* right

xplosneer3889d ago

Just a disagree from me.

Well sure they do look a lot better but I was playing on a 15" SDTV before my 27" and they looked exceptionally better than my PS2 on both.

BrianC62343888d ago

If Sony makes a $200 PS3 will Activision drop their games to $30?

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solar3889d ago

and give me games for $30 bucks :D

deeznuts3889d ago

Critical for developers, not for all gamers. Some don't mind paying extra for extra features. All gamers are not created equal.

gamesblow3889d ago

Ideal pricing is going to be different for everyone... So, sure the cheapest is always the easiest solution... not the best, though. I think Sony should've done this --

Ps3 80gb for 500 bucks
Ps3 60 gb for 400 bucks
Ps3 40 gb for 300 bucks

That way 3 viable sku's would be on the market, to xbox 360's 4 viable skus. Arcade pak, core, premium and elite... It would ahve also allowed consumers to come in at a low, low price of 300 for all that you're getting and you could still play Blu-ray, which seems to be the only thing Sony is really concered about right now.

They win the blu-ray war, well... they win the next gen format war with videogames too.

sajj3163889d ago

299.99 ... Unthinkable at this point. Sony shoved a big ole boot in their mouth when they announced initial price points of 499.99 and 599.99 and claimed 'value' as their selling point.

Considering that the Wii is making a killing at 249.99 proves that it doesn't need to be at 199.99. Technology is just too expensive these days.

Sony is fixing these issues but they lost a good deal of market share on that calculated (some would say not thought out well) risk.

High, not ridiculous price point, is justified by the need to better technology to fuel the next gen. The Wii got away with it by taking the peripheral route. Sony didn't. MS got it right this round but unfortunetly they just don't have enough fuel long term. 08 will be turning point with respect to the descrepancy in 360 quality versus PS3 quality. The Wii will get lost in the next gen shuffle but never forgotten.

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