Next Call Of Duty Game Release: Why It Won’t Be Called Black Ops 2 / WAW 2?

Pinoytutorial: If you’ve been following the big financial call of Activision and Blizzard yesterday, you may heard from different reports that Acti’s CEO Bobby Kotick did mention about the next Call of Duty game for 2012. Naturally, some players are already contemplating the ninth COD will be called “Black Ops 2” or “World at War 2”...but we beg to differ, here’s why.

So what do you think will be the official title of the next Call of Duty game for 2012? Show your comments below.

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Sc0pe922351d ago

Call Of Duty: MW4BO2WAW2

xAlmostPro2351d ago

My prediction is no more CO)D until the next console..

However if im wrong what with activision being the money grabbing sods they are i reckon it'll be a full zombie game from treyarch ;)

beavis4play2351d ago

if they make a full retail zombie game with sp campaign/story and lots of online maps for team play - they can name their price.....i'd pay it.

ACBAA2351d ago

because both were bad, who wants a sequel to a terrible game

bumnut2351d ago

Im not buying another COD game until they make a new game engine. The last one I bought was WAW.

TopDudeMan2351d ago

I couldn't care less what it is called. It won't be better than Modern warfare 3. I think they might have reached their peak for this gen.

kma2k2351d ago

Call of Duty: Pre-Modern Advanced Warfare Ops

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The story is too old to be commented.