Skyrim: PS3 Vs Xbox 360 Screen Comparison

NowGamer stacks up the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Skyrim side by side to determine which looks better.

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Feckles2201d ago

So the Xbox textures look sharper, more detailed then.

fluffydelusions2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Near identical to me graphics wise. Let's see some performance vids now.

Blacktric2201d ago

Agreed but PS3 has a slight advantage over the textures and interestingly, the colors look more vibrant/gamma levels are correct out of the box which is not the case for PS3 version of multiplatform games most of the time (Dead Island and Rage comes to mind first). But I wouldn't take this comparison seriously. I mean look at the captured moments. They don't match each other AT ALL. It's impossible to make a %100 viable comparison using these pictures. It's best to wait for slider comparisons of Lens Of Truth and in depth performance review of Digital Foundry.

AngryTypingGuy2201d ago

It's really hard to spot the differences in this one. I'd say get it for whichever one you prefer to play it on.

ShoryukenII2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

I'm not getting this at release because as a PS3 owner, I have to wait a month to give Bethesda my money. I'm going to take it a step further and wait a year or so for the GotY edition or for it to be $30 with all DLC if I can't wait (which is likely). I was also very worried about getting a crap port on PS3.

I haven't looked at this game in a while but I am very impressed with how it looks. The PS3 version looks fantastic and I think it looks better. The lighting looks great too. I'm just worried about framerates, screen tearing, stress on hardware and general performance.

HSx92201d ago Show
inveni02201d ago

Why do you have to wait a month to give Bethesda your money because you're a PS3 owner? That doesn't make sense at all.

ScubbaSteve2201d ago


He's referring to how Bethesda frequently screws PS3 owners with their DLC. Fallout3 iirc correctly made users wait longer for DLC for no real reason. Might have been paid by MS for exclusivity but that doesn't really make any sense if you take into account that most ppl wanting DLC already bought the game and at that point you're just hurting loyal customers. Still I wouldn't put it past Microsoft to do something like that so they could say they have a better "Service". That said, get it on PC if you have the option because the modding community for this type of game is pretty large.

slayorofgods2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

The graphics do look identical.

I'm not sure if I want to be the one that says Witcher 2 has Skyrim's graphics beat because Skyrim has the fun factor that will cause me to get some dissagree's. But... Witcher 2 has better graphics.

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xPhearR3dx2201d ago

They look the same to me :/

Eamon2201d ago

Agreed they look the same. But the comparison pics are crappy. Wish nowgamer did a better job .

Bimkoblerutso2201d ago

Yeah. Here's hoping Lens of Truth gets their Skyrim comparison up today.

The pics here are too small and aren't even close to the same image most of the time.

NEW-AGE2201d ago

Lens of truth , is biased towards the 360.... they are unreliable , they dont use the deep Color option on the ps3 or the ultra bright... And i think they didnt use the HDMI at one point and just used component cables ' wish there was a site that was Fair

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european_cannon2201d ago

Wait for DF or Lens of Truth. Nowgamer comparisons are the worst.

NukaCola2201d ago

NowGamer sucks. They will review this game by two differnt reviewwers too. So the two scores will be different regardless of the quality cause one reviewer will like sound over texture and the other will like story over replayability. Their site is flat out a tard and a half.

morganfell2201d ago

Lens of Truth is certainly no better. And they are the ones that were caught lying, not Nowgamer.

If such comparisons really matter to you then you should avoid them.

ShoryukenII2201d ago

When did Lens of Truth lie? I'm not doubting you or anything (it may come off like that when you read it). I'm curious because I trusted them... Is Digital Foundry any better?

Blackdeath_6632201d ago

no the shading on xbox was done slightly better but most time you could barely tell different and there were some pics where ps3 looked better. but as someone said below we have to see video preformance te tell. all in all though its a job well done bethesda

El Nino2201d ago Show
Ser2201d ago

Maybe my eyes are bad, but they look pretty friggin' identical to me.

zeddy2201d ago

i dunno what you folks are looking at but they look pretty even to me and maybe the ps3 just takes it.

DonaldBeck2201d ago

@frekles, your joking right? seriously...

tosh612201d ago

Straight trolling kid.

RufustheKing2201d ago

these pictures are spoliers so becarful

hotskys2201d ago

116 disagrees! lol you just got fanboyed.

TheXgamerLive2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Xbox 360 has a bit better details yet some things look good on ps3, yet still 96% is the same, love it in all it's glory, it's SKYRIM:)

p.s. F'tards didn't even post the same pics to even really compare to begin with, so it's all a wash anyways really, however again, it's SKYRIM:) woo hoo

mittwaffen2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )


ive seen 5 compairsons

I play on pc, and own both consoles I view things with the least amount of biased.

The PS3 has way lower texture quality vs 360, while the 360 textures = PC

Why do 360=PC? Game was made for the 360 console, then optimized to work with the PS3, and then ported textures to PC (no giving us upgraded textures).

While the PC version should look better (textures) the consoles have the least to worry about. End of the day the resolution limitations are the biggest issue, when you work with 720p (360/ps3) textures and 'slightly' smaller sized textures (PS3) are barely noticeable due to lack of resolution clarity.

Textures have traditionally been slightly lower on most mplat games for PS3, this isnt anything new or shocking. PS3's power is displayed when the game/engine itself is built for the PS3. Give or take a few circumstances with the PS3 having installs to the HDD that improve textures.

End of the day,

If you own both consoles, ideally you'd want the 360 version. If you own one or another, you can play the game without a care. This is one of the main reasons i own my 360; because mplat titles 8/10 times end up having a small edge (IE - 360 with RDR, Skyrim). Other then this, the gameplay ends up being the same.

But if you own a PC, and the consoles..the choice should be simple.

That is my honnest view across many comparisons with high quality screenshot.

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TimmyShire2201d ago

I'm confused. I thought the PS3 version was better according to that video? This suggests the 360 version is sharper...

fluffydelusions2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Bug was being exploited in the other video more than likely. Regardless, both look similar anyway

TimmyShire2201d ago

True enough. Neither look awful, so everyone's a winner! :D

skyward2201d ago

360 seems better. Same as other Bethesda games.

tosh612201d ago


Stop trolling. You are the kids that ruin N4G.

Brownghost2201d ago

Seriously I want a good place to talk about games equally. Your really making this site a waste

MariaHelFutura2201d ago

Who cares? The differences will be they always are.

Disccordia2201d ago

Agreed. Finally some sensibility. This is a great game on all formats just enjoy it people and stop getting a boner about the console you own having one frame per second better.

A-Glorious-Dawn2200d ago

LOL yeah, like all differences between multiplatform games, who cares?

downloading the PC version right now.
I heard it might melt my face...

Focus2201d ago

That one didn't have the texture pack installed. They were trying to apease those we do not speak of

Silly gameAr2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Those we do not speak of? What? PS3 owners? You take this console war to heart don't you.

ShoryukenII2201d ago

LOL! I don't mind being he who must not be spoken of. My brother Voldemort will help me out. >_>

Brosy2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Who are you talking about Focus? The fanboys who rape people with disagrees even though they are almost always wrong. You know the mindless worshipers that need a good old fashioned beating. Or are you talking about the minority of the people on N4G?

andibandit2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

Those we do not speak of, are the ones who live by the hidden rules:

1. Every sentence uttered from thou teenage mouth shall praise the PS3 to the skies, or thou shall be flogged by disagrees.

2. Thou shall not say anything positive about the 360, or thou shall be flogged by disagrees.

3. Thou shall not mention "Cross Game Chat, Giant Enemy Crabs, or PSN hack" or thou shall be reduced to a single bubble.

4. Thou shall spit at the 360 at every possible opportunity, or have thy mailbox filled with deaththreats and worse.

Blessings be with you,
In the name of Kutaragi, and of Kaz Hirai, and of the Holy Howard Stringer. Playstation.

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Wizziokid2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

can't really see much of a difference with these images tbh

SDF Repellent2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

I think they both look similiar. The key now is perfomance, ie. framerate, screen tearing,, etc.

ufo8mycat2201d ago

PS3 ever so slightly sharper.

360 version a little washed out (decrease brightness couple notches and WALLA fixed)

Funny, usually it's the PS3 version that it more brighter.