Forza Motorsport 4 reviewed - Unwinnable

Racing is an art form, artist Dave Trainer reviews Forza 4.

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Drekken2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )


Uncharted 3 - 3/5
Resistance 3 - 3/5
Ico Collection 3/5

Gears 3 - 5/5
Forza 4 - 5/5

Okay. Change your name to unlikable.

Also they gave Rage 5/5. Laughable.

japanesedudegirl2294d ago

Resistance 3 is a baby game.

mayberry2294d ago

@drekken^^ their review. Of forza seems ok. But you are right about their seemingly biased ps3 reviews, killzone 3 is not at all how they describe it! Did they play the same game! Whatever...

2294d ago
barb_wire2294d ago

OT - but if haven't bought Forza 4 yet - walmart will have it for $28 on Black Friday - Gears of War 3 too and Batman Arkham City.

SDF Repellent2294d ago

Thanks for the heads up but no thanks, I am not risking my life on Black Friday at Walmart just to save a few bucks.

Crystallis2294d ago

LMAO! funny but so true.

Halochampian2294d ago

Hahaha. hopefully Amazon has the same deals. They did last year.

Boody-Bandit2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

SDF Repellent
Try purchasing them online.
Some retailers offer the same deals online that they do in their stores. I live 2 miles from a 24hr a day WalMart. If I cant get these deals online I will just go there at midnight and pick up these titles.

Thanks for the heads up

On Topic:
I am extremely cynical and was overly hard on Turn 10 since I heard they were going to support Kinect. I am a huge racing fanatic, my favorite genre, and I was not happy that they were putting any effort into Kinect at all. I thought the game it self was going to suffer.

Boy I could not have been more wrong. Personally for me, and I don't believe in perfect scores, I am more than comfortable giving Forza 4 a perfect score on quality and depth alone. The game is nothing short of spectacular.

BTW Fanatec just announced that the CSR Elite wheel is in production and some will hit NA shores before Christmas for those looking for a high end wheel to play any 360, PS3 or PC racing game with.

alansmithee2293d ago

C'mon, SDF. When did anyone die at a Wal*Mart on Black Friday except for that one time?

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