AP: Wii selling well, but not at record rate

Nintendo Co. sold more Wii game consoles last week than in any week since the popular gadget launched in late 2006...Nintendo sold 350,000 last week, when many stores were closed for the Thanksgiving holiday, compared to 300,000 the previous week. The only time with higher sales was an eight-day period in late November 2006, when the Wii debuted and more than 600,000 units were sold.

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PS360WII3954d ago

So I don't get it. Is this one of those the end is near for Wii?

Shaka2K63954d ago

Its cheap and it has the most blind fanbase.
other then that the system has no games and its just a temporary toy for people who buy it for a weekend and thats it.
looks to me like this is going to be even worst then the game cube, nintendo loses 3 generations in a row, now thats epic LMAO.

ChickeyCantor3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

if its so cheap how come people are willing to pay more then what a Ps3 costs.
Nintendo is winning .... at least thats whats going on now. don't ignore might get bold @ the end.

I actually imaged a package with a label on it saying SHAKA XD
XD i cant stop laughing

Snipes203953d ago

Why do you hate the Wii? Can you just tell us instead of trolling the Wii section? Put it in a blog or something, but please stop TROLLING. The Wii is not crap, it just doesn't have what you like. Get OVER it.

unsunghero283953d ago

If you took everything I hate about the world.

And then rolled it up into a little package.

You would get Shaka.

GIJeff3953d ago

some people will pay anything to make their kids happy. and the fact that its being sold to clueless parents thinking it gives their kids exercise. waving your arm doesnt do much more than certain people do in their spare time anyways.... i hate fads. Wii Sheeple.

GIJeff3953d ago

yes, the wii is in fact, crap.

BrotherNick3953d ago

Meh, who cares about Shaka Khan, He'll have 1 bubble soon.

john_doe3953d ago

mmm what i see is that little withe box kicking your PS3 ass right now.. an that is not going to change anytime soon

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Danja3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

Or maybe it's those 12 million(NA) GC owners from last gen buying the Wii over again..but only at a faster rate cuz it's soooo cheap..

ChickeyCantor3953d ago

Something called choice.
you say they buy it because its cheap.

think, if you can do that.
people invest money in stuff they know they will be happy with it, ofcourse some will get disappointed. But its logical that if the Ps3 and 360 are the greatest thing, even mom and dad would get one.
apparently to their opinion it isn't.

its a choice they made, i stated before people are willing to buy a Wii for 500+ you still think "price" is the so called cause of great sale?

blaming the fanboy like.

Danja3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

Gosh Sidar why do I always choose the wrong Wii post..we meet everytime..LOL..>>0_O

Well srry man I just don't like the Wii it just isn' brining anything new to the table..other than Motion Controls which isn't new..and Wii-Fit..which isn't even a game...

I like games..Uncharted...GOW...RFOM. .FF.yah know

but I did enjoy Zack & Wiki..

ChickeyCantor3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

Yes, and thats your choice. based on an opinion.
But what i've seen from your different posts you hate/don't like the Wii, you are entitled to your opinion, but just don't go on about it like Wii is something bad.

No one ever said you have to like it, its a choice you made.

and you just proved my point actually, you liked zack and wiki, maybe people should focus more on the games then actually hardware( and yess games until now have been utterly crap with some exceptions) its up to the DEVS.

Rooftrellen3953d ago

"Gosh Sidar why do I always choose the wrong Wii post"

Is there a right post for a troll like you?

Prismo_Fillusion3953d ago

Actually a big reason for my buying the Wii was that I never owned a Gamecube.

Danja3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

define a troll for clueless right now..??

Last time I checked this post was also in the PS3 section..?

check my comments 98% of the time..I comment on PS3 only because I choose to comment on a few Wii/360 articles while im approving them im a troll..?

how about you start contributing to the artcles on the site instead of going around trying to pick apart ppls comments..!!!

@Prismo- ad you didn't miss out on anything either..but I must say the Virtual Console..would be the only reason I would ever buy a Wii..but I can play all those games on my PSP so why bother..!

BrotherNick3953d ago

I think some people choose which topics to write on wisely so they can keep their bubbles :P

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texism3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

Oh you know, it's selling very well. It's just that its not setting a record.

When the Wii actually does set a record, the argument will be "Oh it set a record. It's just that it hasn't cured cancer."

STFU haters. Find some better dirt next time.

gamesblow3953d ago

This site would be a nightmare for any "REAL" consumer looking for information... Cause we have this story which depicts the wii as not being the end all be all and right above this story we have a wii story talking about how incredible it is...

The wii's a joke, mind you... It's the biggest waste of money this side of buying 20 pounds of goat cheese. I'm just saying is all.

ChickeyCantor3953d ago

You are a joke, thinking your opinion is thé word.

gamesblow3953d ago

Sounds like you're jelly of me and my fame and success as a forum poster all around the interweb, if you ask me. So, you are the joke, Jackson.

ChickeyCantor3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

"Sounds like you're jelly of me and my fame and success as a forum poster all around the interweb"

o yeah you are from myspace, and you think you are that great...well my space explains it all....

you are a and shaka must be twins or something, you think anyone here cares for your fame?...if there is any to begin with.

gamesblow, don't put yourself on a level you aren't at.....the truth is harsher then getting hit by car.

edit: i'm laughing out loud you actually tried to put your self above me by saying : " fame and success as a forum poster all around the interweb"

hihiih idiot XD

gamesblow3953d ago

Sidar, that wasn't clever... You'd be a great writer for Dane Cook... 2 of the most un-funny and unwitting people there are. you and him would go far... Well, in gay strip clubs, I suppose.

ChickeyCantor3953d ago

I wasn't trying to be funny.
i was only stating i was laughing, and now you say something stupid, not funny or the least insulting.

in gay strip clubs, thats your best shot?
Dude your fame and success are waiting ...on MYSPACE.

texism3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

gamesblow you phail at being funny.

Even Dane Cook, the very one you insulted, has a better sense of humor than you.

GIJeff3953d ago

except i like goat cheese. :)

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