Skyrim PC: First screenshots

The first Skyrim PC have landed in several forums. A website made a compilation, they even show the graphics menu of Skyrim PC. Definitely an improvement over vanilla Oblivion.

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Si-Fly2265d ago

What kind of shitty resolution were those captured at?!

Orpheus2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

Among the screens theres a shot showing the settings , they all are not at ultra but at high , and the resolution is 1280X1024 as far as i remember .... ofcourse pc players will play it at 1080p or 1600p and may be at ultra :-)


limewax2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

How would it have Ultra when its only DirectX 9?

Just high would do me anyway, I wouldn't say no to better graphics though. 7 Hours till the Steam unlock so will find out soon enough

Edit: Actually it appears to have ultra. But most disturbingly, Why has he chosen that resolution on a GTX 580? Unless its optimised horridly that card should max the settings at 1080p with power to spare

kcuthbertson2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )


Which Direct X version a game is using has absolutely nothing to do with how many video settings a game has or how good the game looks...look at The Witcher 2.

And he probably chose that resolution because that's the resolution his monitor is...You wouldn't play at 1200p if you monitor/tv only supports 720p now would you?

limewax2265d ago

True, I actually have The Witcher 2 so really should know better lol. I think the monitor confused me since, well to be honest with the guy running a 580 I imagined he would at least have a 1080p monitor with how cheap they are in comparison

sohaben2265d ago

OMG they are SOOOOOO much better!!! (sarcasm, of course)

Besides the benefit of mods, i dont see the difference...

kcuthbertson2265d ago

If you can't see the difference in image quality, then you should probably go to the eye doctor...

sohaben2265d ago

All i care about really are the animations. The "image quality" as you put it, is a matter of perception. I guess it takes a trained eye..

Letros2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

edit- hmm

pctrollv42265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

the game is badly optimized once again for high end cards like my 6970, or maybe amd is at it again with their shitty drivers. Either way, what is the hype for this shit for? looks atrocious and animations, my god..i wont even go there. Yes better, but better dont mean playable. And that FUGLY character creator? my god! i am an elitist, and i want my moneys worth on my pc games. Witcher 2, crysis 1, metro 2033, bring the mods and then ill play it.

kcuthbertson2265d ago

WTF are you talking about? How do you know how optimized it haven't even had a chance to play it...

You need to calm down...the game won't win any beauty awards in the pc category, but seriously it looks nowhere near as bad as your saying.

kevnb2265d ago

Shut up, we don't all want to be buying graphic cards every year. Game looks fine to me.

kevnb2265d ago

Even ign admitted the PC version looks alot better and the console versions have performance issues like usual...

2265d ago