Cars 2 (PSP Review) - Playing it so you don't have to [NoSleepGamer]

NoSleepGamer writes: Late movie tie-ins are bound to raise suspicion from any gamer, especially from a film that’s clearly one of Pixar’s poorer efforts. Unless the UMD fires out of the PSP and blinds me, this should be a better experience than the film. Maybe. The retail version isn’t yet available in the shops (next year apparently) but the PSN version is available now, albeit at an optimistic price.

The camera does look stylish, but ultimately it is the game’s downfall. Changing lanes is essential to dodge stationary objects that cause you to crash. The camera regularly fails to give you a decent view of the track ahead, making it almost impossible to dodge some objects. You might be expecting it second time around, but when the tracks get longer and sections start to look the same, your memory will lose interest. As a title aimed at young children, it’s bound to cause tantrums.

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