Will the Wii be a set-top box?

Will Nintendo try to turn its Wii console into a platform for delivering movies and other content to consumers? The company is experimenting with it.

The company has created a service in Japan that lets consumers get TV listings via the Wii, Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America, said at the Dow Jones Consumer Technology Innovations Conference taking place here this week.

Nintendo went forward with the project because a TV Guide Network-like service similar to what Nintendo is offering didn't exist. (TV in Japan is notoriously weird: in the past, PCs and TVs had to be fitted with an array of tuners to get all channels).

There are no plans to bring something like this to the United States at the moment, he said, but Nintendo is always looking around. "There are other channel opportunities," he said. "They may look like games. They may not look like games."

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PS360WII3884d ago

I had no idea that Japan didn't have a TV guide? That's just weird

Snipes203884d ago

What's even more weird is that the Wii can play standard DVD's without a hardware upgrade, but Nintendo refuses to send an update out. Maybe they will add it in when they change the music format? It would be a nice surprise. By the way, what was the "pleasant surprise" that Reggie said Wii owners would learn about soon?

neogeo3884d ago

So I can sell it on ebay and make a profit. My wife will hate it but money is money and wii is just ok.

B Man3884d ago

Since when... i'd like to know where you heard that.

wiizy3884d ago

nah wii leave that for sony and microsoft..who wants their systems to be a multimedia hub instead of a game systems...and paying the price for it.

rofldings3884d ago

But the Wii isn't either! Trying to be a gaming console/media hub - when it's a simple toy.

BrotherNick3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

haha, a simple fun toy it is. Shouldn't games be that? :) I figure more functionality is a plus, don't hate, most of us wii fans don't diss other consoles if you noticed, only maestro.

BrotherNick3884d ago

I admit, dvd playback would be cool.

Silvia0073884d ago

Why, coz 480p sucks that's why. Unless it manages atleast 1080i somehow, sure, but no.

B Man3884d ago

So yes, I wouldn't mind this at all.

Lord_Mike3884d ago

With no hard drive it aint gonna work.

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