gamrReview Review: Sonic Generations

"Two decades later, Sonic the Hedgehog remains an icon of gaming. Even though some of his games may not have lived up to the expectations of the fans, Sonic Generations emulates its origins in the best way possible; by being a solid platformer mixed with the white-hot thrill of controlling the fastest mammal in the world. Sonic fans, it's time to make merry. The blue blur is back, and he's here to stay." - gamrReview

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Runa2162167d ago

I didn't mind Sonic 4, I may be interested in this!

swirldude2167d ago

Then you'll love this. Fixed the physics problems that Sonic 4 was fraught with.

Runa2162167d ago

well then that makes me doubly impressed!

Spectator12167d ago

What happened to the Sonic cycle?!

naznatips2167d ago

A good Sonic game? :O Will buy.

Still, I expect the 3DS version will be better. <3 Dimps as a Sonic developer.

swirldude2167d ago

If the 3DS version tops this, Sonic fans are going to have their best holiday season since the 90s.

bmw692167d ago

Finally, a decent Sonic game!