Skyrim: List of Technical Issues You Should Know

GB : Skyrim is finally here, and the review scores are off the charts. So here's what you need to know. The Elder Scrolls' games always had an history of bugs, glitches and other technical issues. It's no different here. One thing to keep in mind is that the PC version will be eventually fixed by the modders, but the console version?

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NYC_Gamer2384d ago

i'll just wait to buy this game until it's fixed

DarkSymbiote2384d ago

No point since it'll be fixed through patches. If you don't have XBL use Xbuc.

Blacktric2384d ago

"i'll just wait to buy this game until it's fixed"

LOL! Like it's a game that's broken beyond recognition or something... If you had any idea of the game truly is, you wouldn't be saying that and would've already paid for your copy...

NYC_Gamer2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

i have played the past titles/fallout i enjoyed the games just not the bugs that comes packed...i will buy the game once the mods or patches come.i don't wanna be stuck on certain quest because of issues.

Blacktric2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

"i don't wanna be stuck on certain quest because of issues."

Again, this is the part you don't get. I'm following NeoGaf's Skyrim thread (which now spans on more than 150 pages) for more than 5 days now and some people are playing the game since last Sunday. Some of them even invested 60 hours so far and NONE of them had quest breaking issues. Only issues encountered by players so far are simple graphical glitches, mob spawn glitches and getting stuck in the world which isn't a big deal considering the amount of things you can do in the world. If you're going to whine about things that you haven't even seen in the game, then you might as well not buy it at all. Creation engine might be a heavily overhauled Gambryo. But it doesn't share most of its infamous glitches.

Ren_2384d ago

I'm going to pick it up tonight :) Never experienced any game-breaking issues with any of Bethesda's other games. I did get a number of console freezes but I save often enough for that to be a minor inconvenience.

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Vinushka2384d ago

Sometimes the audio becomes static/crackly. This is the only bug I have found, albeit I only played for an hour.

ziggurcat2384d ago

well, so much for the nonsense they were spewing before about how that game won't crash as much....

ziggurcat2380d ago

disagrees: really? because they're basically on record for saying that those exact issues had been ironed out and they're clearly not.

Ch1d0r12384d ago

Typical Bethesda game issues.