MW3 Plagued With Glitches

These videos show off multiple MW3 map glitches only a few days after launch

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lugia 40002168d ago

Oh wait, did they copy paste glitches too?

reynod2168d ago

Yet its going to sell in millions, sad the state of gaming.

hazelamy2168d ago

yeah, COD didn't need a beta. >_>

DigitalAnalog2168d ago

They'd rather play COD then the glitchfest that is Battlefield 3.

Just saying....

reynod2168d ago

Been playing alot of BF3, its a whole new experience. 64 players makes it feel like a real war, Jets, tanks along with great graphics make it an awesome game.

Hicken2168d ago

No beta? Not surprised.

solidworm2168d ago

A turd is a turd is a turd.

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