Destructoid: Review: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Preparing for a new Elder Scrolls game is like preparing to die. One must ensure they get all their worldly affairs in order, speak with the people who mean everything to them, and have a final meal. After all, once that disc goes in, the user may as well have departed from our mortal world.

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MajorJackHoff1995d ago

Even Destructoid? Is this the greatest game ever made?

LastDance1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

i have to say, I am a huuuuge fan of oblivion (played over 100 hours), but i started skyrim and i am quite underwhelmed. Graphics are okay (ps3) but the combat is just awful (it was bad when oblivion came out and nothing has changed) and the animations are jerky. Not sure this deserves a 10/10. :S

Edit: Dont get me wrong, I want to love this game. I've been waiting for it for ages.

phearr3d - My biggest gripe is the combat - which is universal across all platforms. The graphics are passable.

xPhearR3dx1995d ago

Playing on PS3 is your mistake. PS3 + Bethesda doesn't mix.

Daver1995d ago

whys that? Oblivion ps3 was the best port for console.

xPhearR3dx1995d ago


Bethesda also had a whole year after the game released to focus on JUST the PS3, it damn well should be the best. Have you played Fallout 3 on PS3? It's a damn disaster. I remember my PS3 freezing for 1-2min when I'd enter VATS.

Blacktric1995d ago

"whys that? Oblivion ps3 was the best port for console."

For the last damn time, Bethesda DID NOT port the Oblivion for the PS3. They hired a third party scottish company called 4J Studios to do the port.

nycredude1995d ago

Wtf are you talking about PhearR3dx. Oblivion ran better on ps3 than the 360! Up to your usual BS again I see.

Anyways does anyone know if the pc version will support gamepad? Finding info on that is like looking for the Bigfoot!

Focus1995d ago

Really? One year later the game ran better?? Wow.

PetitPiPi1995d ago

Why don't you explain why that is nycredude.

Nac1995d ago

Oh I wish it is more Morrowind than Oblivion...

Biggest1995d ago

That's what I was hoping for. I played Morrowind to death. I couldn't get into Oblivion at all.

PetitPiPi1995d ago

After reading through a few reviews, i'm convinced Skyrim will win GOTY. I can't wait for the 11th!

GraveLord1995d ago

Kinda surprised at the score. I thought Dark Souls was a bit too long and I hear this game is like 200hours. Meh. Wasn't planning on buying it anyway. Oblivision didn't really impress me much(though I loved that arena thing)