AtomicGamer: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review

A cold breeze slips through the trees surrounding me, somewhere out in the hills in the southeast portion of the province of Skyrim. Snow hasn't covered this landscape, so it's got a wonderful fall atmosphere to it. Leaves crunch under my feet in this amazing-looking landscape, trapped in time right as the leaves turn red and brown, and I raise the bow. Good, the elk looked in my direction but it didn't notice me, or it'd have run off and I'd be left without its pelt for making some new armor with back at Whiterun. The bow's string stretches tight, and I'm about to fire out a double-damage critical arrow that kills in one shot. Right then, a dragon swoops in, ruining the moment and sending my prey running for the hills. I shouldn't be upset, since this new encounter is vastly more challenging and rewarding.

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