Rumor: New Leisure Suit Larry Game in Production

Could Sierra be taking another crack at resurrecting Leisure Suit Larry?

On the Howard Stern radio show on November 27, comedian Artie Lange mentioned that he had just finished recording some dialogue as a character named "Big Al" in a new Leisure Suit Larry game.

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lawman11083887d ago

That phucking game was "news" back in the doss days

JsonHenry3887d ago

These games are so stupid you cant help but think them as funny!

sarlucic3887d ago

God let it stop... people that buy this kind of games are just... i cant find words for it.

PS360PCROCKS3887d ago

I find them funny lol, extremely stupid but it was always worth a good laugh between a bunch of people at a party, hell my g/f and sister were playing it laughing...

MK_Red3887d ago

The last game was a bit disappointing but still, it's good news. Hopefully the new one goes back to the roots of uncle Larry.

B Man3887d ago

Not for the naked CG girls, but for the funny college situations... I mean hey, you got to get drunk by playing virtual drinking games.

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