Modern Warfare 3 deserves double it's metacritic score

Modern Warfare 3, the copy of a copy of a copy of a copy is getting some bad press on metacritic, this is an explanation of why it deserves almost double it's current score.

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iamnsuperman2414d ago

It doesn't matter what the metacritic user score is. The users of metacritic destroyed that credibility long ago.

I assume this website is calling out the user reviews because the professional reviews have been good and varied. They talk about it being too similar to the last game (technically) but it is still a lot of fun and works.

Scary692414d ago

I say 6/10 to be honest.

chriski3332414d ago

yea no it doesn't very disappointing

Mr PS32414d ago

Thats being a bit Harsh
It at least deserve's a 7

TopDudeMan2414d ago

Sounds about fair. A 7 or if you're into call of duty it'd be an 8.

Mr PS32414d ago

Replace the * with a T

Relientk772414d ago

I like how someone disagreed with you because you are correct

The Meerkat2414d ago

Sum people think there always write.

Relientk772414d ago

lol meerkat, love your spelling


xPhearR3dx2414d ago

MW3 deserves my shit seeping through the whole in the disc. And that's if it's lucky and I'm in a good mood.

death2smoochie2414d ago

If you like the game, play it, care less of its score.
Is it justified why its getting some low scores? Who knows? Ask the people reviewing the games....

Majin-vegeta2414d ago

I've been watching my bro play the story mode and i even tried the online for awhile i give it a 5 or a 6 nothing new just same old crap.

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The story is too old to be commented.