God of War IV Outed By Retailer?

A New Zealand retailer by the name of Mighty Ape has listed God of War IV ( 4 ) on it’s website. According to the retailer God of War IV is scheduled to release in that part of the world on September 28th 2012.

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Kran2298d ago

Do you know whats strange about these "outings" of unannounced games? Is that they tend to happen in Australia, or New Zealand, or France, or Germany.

You'd of thought this sort of stuff would happen in the UK or US or Canada, but it doesn't much :/

MajorJackHoff2298d ago

Wait a minute... This isn't Skyrim related news.. What the hell is this doing here!?

silvacrest2298d ago

any god of war news deserves to be investigated

Silly gameAr2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

Believe it or not, there are other things going on in the wide world of gaming then Skyrim.

GTRrocker2298d ago

The God of War will announce news any where he chooses blasphemer.

firelogic2298d ago

It's obviously BS. Sony Santa Monica JUST started the hiring process for their new game. It's not going to be finished and out the door by September.

Rage_S902294d ago

So after god of war was finished they just sat on their asses and did nothing?Riiiiiiiiiiiight....

ViciousHamster2298d ago ShowReplies(1)
Optical_Matrix2298d ago

God of War only ever comes out in March (except for the HD Collections). I'd say March 2013

GoldenPheasant2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

Noooooooo, please leave this series as it is. Please! just make a new tasty IP.

@below: do you know the prospect of a diluted IP? the story is told, leave it be. I'm sorry if I want a new IP from a talented studio.... ...actually I'm not sorry at all. fackaU

TheFallenAngel2298d ago

Nobody is forcing you to buy it.

THILLREBORN2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

How do you know it would be diluted? Do you have some secret source that say's sequels are always diluted...last time I checked MS4, GT5, GT Vice City and many many other titles prove your logic as being flawed.

Here's a secret it could be based in whole different mythology...doesn't have to include Kratos and the Greek...

StifflerK2298d ago

A new GoW game is welcome , I just hope they move the series forward.

Kratos has pretty much beaten/killed all the famous monsters and characters from Greek mythology - it's time to move on - like to Norse mythology perhaps?

ViciousHamster2298d ago

What about Egyptian mythology?
That would be far more interesting.

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