Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Worth The Hype?

Analoghype: "So it has been a day of non-stop action in my living room. The sounds of grenade pins, exploding shrapnel and gun shots will be the lullabies of our nights, while we reminisce what we could or could not have done better that day. I call it CoD syndrome; and if you’ve ever played any Call of Duty game (post 3), then you’ve most likely been diagnosed with it. However, after CoD4: Modern Warfare I checked the prognosis and, well, the effect didn’t last long at all–for some of us. For others, we can’t help but label ourselves to be the short tempered, hard headed online warriors that roam the PC, PSN and Xbox Live worlds, insulting all who dare to put their mics on. However, for myself I plead the fifth, that is of course if you don’t know who I am; but I guess that is all the more reason for me to give my two cents on whether this game is Worth The Hype."

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