The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - GameTrailers Review

Does Skyrim have us singing praise in dragon shouts or should this Elder Scrolls chapter be torn out and thrown into the fires of Oblivion?

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aviator1892443d ago

Lol, gt rated mw 3 and skyrim the same.

DarkSymbiote2443d ago

Don't worry, they have a habit of scoring the best games low because they feel the need to nitpick.

2443d ago
Fishy Fingers2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

9.3 is scoring a game "low" now? Are some of you never happy?

9.3/10 and still complaining.

artynerd2443d ago

foryouonly, Gametrailers tends to pander their reviews to suit the tastes of the lowest common denominator.

Fact is, most 9-5, M-F sheep can't see past the amazing graphics and incredible presentation of Uncharted 3 to see the terrible shooting mechanics, stupid puzzles that assume you're even stupider, idiotic AI, and generic derivative storyline.

No educated person with a clear understanding of what defines a video game (read; interactivity) can possibly hold Uncharted 3 anywhere near the incredibly in-depth and individually unique experience that Elder Scrolls games deliver.

It's like Rotten Tomatoes. I love Evil Dead and all, but if those people seriously think that movie should be held on a much higher pedestal than The Shining, then they clearly have absolutely no idea what defines great cinema.

MariaHelFutura2443d ago

I would buy Skyrim if they gave it a 4/10. 9.3 is a great score.

kcuthbertson2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )



Generic derivative story line for Uncharted? What games have you played with a more engaging story?

The shooting mechanics are just as good as any other third person shooter out there as well.

Skyrim has it's fair share of flaws (weak melee combat, bug issues, no diversity in enemy behavior... but that doesn't mean it's a bad game by any means.

Uncharted and Elder Scrolls are two COMPLETELY different games and shouldn't even be compared in any way.

It wouldn't be fair to ask Skyrim to have a story as tight as Uncharted since Skyrim is a do anything go anywhere kind of game, and it certainly wouldn't be fair to ask Uncharted to be open world like Skyrim is.

Seriously, they're apples and oranges and they're the best of the best for what each one does.


And I'm seriously gonna explode if I hear the term sheep's dead and done.

Uncharted 3 only sold around 3 million copies at the most so, many sheep...please.

People buy games to have fun, not to be cool...

LOGICWINS2443d ago

Uncharted 3's story is scripted, but its not generic. BIG difference. An example of a generic story would be Just Cause 2's story.

Christopher2443d ago

@artynerd: you're comparing painting to sculpting there. I don't compare SMB to CoD because they are two completely different things. Comparing U3 to Skyrim to determine who us better? It's all about opinion in that equation.

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fluffydelusions2443d ago

Different genres though. Anyway I think it will be Skyrim or Batman AC for GOTY just going by reviews so far.

DarkSymbiote2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Doesn't matter since GT's editor in chief is a COD fanboy. GT even gave the MGS HD Collection's story a lower rating than Uncharted 3. What gives?

Anderson82443d ago

uncharted will be in the mix with those two i think.

StraightPath2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Hmm wierd score how did Uncharted 3 get higher then Skyrim I have not even played it but come 2moro i will be spending hours and hours in it and will be blown away by the content and scale. Uncharted 3 is not even in the same league as Skyrim regrading replay value or content. They both different games oh well.

One thing that plagued that Uncharted series was the poor shooting mechanics. Still dont think feels right and precise after three games. On Chapter 10 on crushing game should be done soon.

Uncharted 3 at 92% metacritic. Batman AC took the cake this year amazing game. Batman AC Portal 2 and Skyrim seem to be so far highest rated game this year. Until Zelda fully arrives.

DarkSymbiote2443d ago

Hey don't forget Human Revolution. It's not the highest rated but one of the top five games this year.

DarkSymbiote2443d ago

Ha! I guess nobody noticed the Dovahkiin in the image I gave is female.

SonyNGP2443d ago

Ah. That one "unoriginal" score. I'm sure some GTers here know what I'm talking about :3

DarkSymbiote2443d ago

I'm a GTer. What do you mean?

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