8800GTS 512MB Coming In December 11th

Nvidia has postponed its upcoming GeForce 8800GTS GPU from the original launch date of November 19 to December 11, according to sources at graphics card makers.

The new GeForce 8800GTS 512MB cards will replace the previous generation GeForce 8800GTS 640MB cards with a 65nm process GPU, supporting PCI Express 2.0, HDMI and PureVideo Gen2. The GPU will have 128 streaming processors, 970MHz GDDR3 memory frequency, 650MHz core frequency and a maximum TDP of 140W, according to the sources.

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Charlie26883832d ago

It looks like this new one might be the GTX killer O.o, since if the 8800GT was very close if not at the same level in some test and this one has better specs then...O.O!

And if you OC then @[email protected]

and is going to be in the new "cheap NVIDIA level" O.O

moses3832d ago

It's not much more expensive then a GT too, so this will probably be the new bargain card. Wait until they revise the GTX! :D

mighty_douche3832d ago

this is what im waiting for!

untill the 8900GTX that is :)

oh while im here.... anyone wanna buy a kidney? medium-heavy use?

clownfacemcgee3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

None of my kidneys have crapped out on me yet, but it never hurts to have a spare. How heavy use are we talking? But back on subject, I got an overclocked 8600 GT with 512 MB of GDDR3 ram clocked at 1460 MHz (OCed from 1400 MHz. It's really sweet for my stuff. Best of all, I got it on black friday at CompUSA for only $130 ($100 off its normal price). I had a crappy, one year old, bottom-of-the-line PC with a 3.2 GHz single core CPU and 512 MB of ram (running XP), and I got that graphics card and an extra gig of ram and I get an awesome framerate in WoW, and I can even run the Bioshock demo (which I could never do before without it crashing my PC). O, back to the point, I don't think it's that important to have the newest top-of-the-line GPU on your card because they're all going to get upgraded and having a slightly older one won't hurt you too much unless you're planning on playing Crysis or the likes. But maybe I shouldn't be saying this if I want that kidney...

Here's the link to my card if you want to tell me how much it rocks/sucks. Just keep in mind I'm not trying to run Crysis or anything super-high-end on this.

Skerj3832d ago

I'm trying to hold off on upgrading el 7950, but these are looking better and better.

mighty_douche3832d ago

i had the previous GTS in one of my PC's and with 2gig, Q6600, vista and i ran UT£ beta all maxed at 1650x1080 and i was getting around 65fps average. the new GT smokes that card so this should be all you need!

unless you wanna run crysis, but that games demand is stupid, its more of a graphics card seller than anything else.

GIJeff3832d ago

I didnt want to upgrade from my 7950 until the dust settles, but then i got a smashing good deal on a 7950GX2. COD4 SCREAMS.

mighty_douche3832d ago

"several graphics card makers is planning to launch overclocked versions of the 8800GTS to boost demand."

ill do that myself thanks and save 10%.

TheIneffableBob3832d ago

The new 8 series cards are very tempting, but I'm holding off until the 9 series. My 7900GT actually does very, very well in all the latest games, including Crysis.

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