Here Are 32 New Skyrim Screeshots to Enjoy as You Wait for the Game

Bethesda released today 32 new official screenshots of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Fearless_DOVAKIIN7572442d ago

Wow this game is going to being totally sick. I Can't wait, only 18 more hours for me, and then I get to see all this with my own eyes! I'm very impressed I must say, after reading, watching, and looking at everything I could I think this could be the best game i've ever played.

Abriael2442d ago

Same for me. I have my modder trigger fingers all ready for the onslaught.

Bounkass2442d ago

It's already on the shop shelves here...

sohaben2441d ago

Australia, im guessing? i still dont understand how that was allowed lol

im so jealous...