DC Universe Online Review [Gaming Irresponsibly]

GIR takes the free to play DC Universe out for a spin.

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yesmynameissumo2446d ago

I'm a Lv17 villain and at this point, it's a solid 8 in my book.

agentxk2446d ago

An 8 is in GOTY considerable. 6 is above average, by your logic the game should be a contender?

yesmynameissumo2446d ago

No, by my logic, scores don't determine an enjoyable to me...the actual game does. GOTY has nothing to do with, well, anything.

Wh15ky2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

I think an 8 would suggest it's a great game. For a game to be considered for GOTY it has to be a step up from that, it has to at least be considered the best in it's genre.

With the plethora of excellent games we have had this year an 8/10 game is not good enough to be in contention.

disturbing_flame2446d ago

Wow giving a score to a MMO...

The content is always changing, the class must all be tested, the game must be judged on a long time etc etc

I don't accord any importance of what is said in this test, i think this test is miles from what the game delivers.

PirateThom2446d ago

I just downloaded it last night and started playing, connection timed out... going to keep playing as it's F2P and seems like the sort of thing I could enjoy for a while.

yesmynameissumo2446d ago

The US servers have improved dramatically. Used to be in a OVER 9000 queue, now just pop right in. Hopefully they'll get the EU squared away. It is a blast! My character name is The Reeker if you want to be bad and terrorize Gotham and Metropolis some time :)

Scribe812446d ago

I've been sort of power-gaming this since FTP. It's honestly a ton of fun, much more than I thought it would be. LVL 28 Villian.