Kojima on Metal Gear Solid HD Collection's launch and training apprentices

Hideo Kojima’s comments on the launch of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and his thoughts on training apprentices in addition to sharing a few photos showing the prototype figures of Solidus and Meryl figures.

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showtimefolks2357d ago

I got the mgs hd collection with that 200 page art book so I am guessing it's a special editon for America. An I know Europe is getting an awesome limited edition also

I got the mgs 4 limited edition with that blurry disk along with limited edition strategy guide

Slugg3r2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

Does anyone know if european version is getting some extra content? I mean like european extreme difficulty etc. Because I'm going to go to USA next month and I'm thinking about importing this collection 'cos european version ain't out till february! I've also heard rumors that Peace walkers CO-OP doesn't work if game is imported from another region. I'd be glad if someone can confirm/decline this.

ScubaSteve12357d ago

So Mr.Kojima would you like to inform me on how, did play-asia run out of copies for the japan limited edition when there was NO PREORDERS

CrescentFang2356d ago

Not sure if play-asia could've sold it. The LE in Japan was exclusively on their konamistyle website.

ScubaSteve12356d ago

yea play-asia did sold it, i guess it did sold out. the xbox 360 version has 2 left in stock. oh well

CrescentFang2356d ago

@ ScubaSteve1 sad to hear... Hope things work out...

2356d ago