Nintendo to unlock more 3DS power for developers

RMC - Here's an interesting and juicy rumor for you guys.

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T9002386d ago

Lol so why keep any power unlocked anyways? If i buy hardware today i would like developers to make full use of it today.

Would be silly if i bought a GTX 580 today and was told... oh 25% of its power is being held back for a later date lol.

2386d ago
ronin4life2386d ago

To much power can overwhelm a developer with by giving them to many options, and you certainly don't want to overwhelm developers who are already trying to focus on a system they are not yet accustomed to.
Although, I think 2EHOs comment makes more sense and his theory is far more likely to be the actual reason.

STK0262386d ago


It's most likely some power they have been able to free by optimizing the 3DS' OS, or simply some memory they were keeping "locked" for future update of the OS, just like the X360 and the PS3 have been doing since launch.

2EHO2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

For more than 1 reason. There have been different reports of where the xtra 25% is coming from. Some say the os has been overhauled to give developers more juice. Some say its just more power from the second processor in the 3ds. But Sony did the same thing with the PSP late in its life cycle and as a result you got an amazing God of War game. 25% is a lot to give and hopefully developers will use it wisely and make games that blow RE: revelations away.

2EHO2386d ago

Also those early reports of 3ds before it was revealed having xbox 360 type graphics. I've heard those developers were working with the dev kits with this 25% added power. Time will tell I guess.

solidt122386d ago

unless they plan on releasing a new 3ds with a more powerful GPU/CPU it won't matter that much.

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TheBlackMask2386d ago

You know apparently if the 3D wasn't takced on as a gimmick it would of allowed them to improve the graphics even more......which means the gimmick on the 3DS is what is holding back the graphics.

Now graphics don't mean everything but when your handheld rival is coming out at the same price as what your product was at launch with even better tech and launch games it's time to start worrying

AdvanceWarsSgt2386d ago

I think they'll worry after the holiday season. The 3DS is set to sell like a fire in California.

And I also believe the 3D limits the 3DS, not only graphically but functionally as well. When one feature needs a considerable chunk of processing power just to function, than the system's capabilities are going to be limited.

ronin4life2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

It dosen't matter what the 3ds launched at. What matters is what it will cost sitting next to the vita on shelves, and what games are sitting next to it.
Edit @AdvanceWarsSgt
It would be so awesome if they made an advance wars game for 3ds. I really hope they do.

AdvanceWarsSgt2386d ago

I would cream a gallon's worth of load if a new AW was announced.

That said, Nintendo already announced a new Fire Emblem, so I'm content with that as well.

2EHO2386d ago

For multiple developers to say(working on fist gen unlocked dev kits) that 3ds has close to 360... I take that for something. All I will say is we haven't seen even close to the graphical peak of the 3ds.

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