TGV Review: Sonic Generations

With a renewed sense of excitement for the Blue Blur, and following the very well-received first episode of Sonic the Hedgehog 4, Sega has been able to keep its head held high as it celebrates the 20 Year Anniversary of their mascot that many said would never happen.

Sonic Generations serves as not only a fancy montage of all the great moments in Sonic’s grand history and where it all began, but as a solid example of where the hedgehog will be going in the future.

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borisfett2320d ago

Sonic, he can really move.
Sonic, he’s got an attitude.
Sonic, he’s the fastest thing alive.
He’s the fastest thing alive!

*geek out*

Herminator2320d ago

One Sonic, several Sonicses.

RustyMagus2320d ago

I never thought it was possible: an actual, honest to god good 3D Sonic game! Not just that, it's the second one in a row!

SoapShoes2319d ago

Just like the Dreamcast era, eh?? :P Two masterpieces in a row for its time.

RustyMagus2319d ago

Not sure I agree with that. Sonic Adventure wasn't that great in my opinion.

StifflerK2320d ago

I've got this game , it's great !

Sidology2319d ago

hnnnnnnnnnnnnnng, sonic generations

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