What is 'Xbox Kinect Accelerator'?

123Kinect writes: "On November 9th, the Microsoft registered the following two domain names: /

But, what are they for? Will this be an upgrade for the Kinect sensor to work with the next Xbox console? Or, could it be a tool to help programmers deal with Kinect for Windows more effectively? Unfortunatley, Microsoft isn't sharing any information with us, but may do so soon...

What's your idea about this? Let the speculation commence!"

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WooHooAlex2321d ago

Maybe an accessory that improves performance? Or a controller to work with Kinect?

Dlacy13g2321d ago

I would lean more towards either device for performance increase or an actual firmware upgrade with new tool set for devs.

I am highly skeptical of it being a controller.

Bigpappy2321d ago

I think it is software to help developer get up to speed on how to program for kinect.

sjaakiejj2321d ago

Probably an addition that hardly adds anything to the Kinect, then is hyped up by Microsoft as the second coming, sells at a high price, earns Microsoft a lot of cash and leaves their customer base very disappointed.

Sorry if I sound like a jerk saying that, but they've proven on multiple occasions that it's not beyond them.

Nitrowolf22321d ago

the name to me just screams Wii motion plus. not that it was bad