Bethesda comments on the texture loading issues in Skyrim on Xbox 360

Pete Hines, the Vice President of PR and Marketing for Bethesda, have issued a small response regarding the possible texture loading issues found in the Xbox 360 version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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MasterCornholio2295d ago

Is the PS3 version safe from this issue?


bunfighterii2295d ago

I have the same query. I hope so but seems like quite a few new console games these days have texture load issues.

Anyway I hope not, I'm getting it on ps3 tomorrow!

norman292295d ago

In reply to MC, no its not, ive just posted this very issue on the PS forums, its not like little minor things you can only notice if your looking for them, these are slap bang right there while your just playing away.

My post from the forum

"So after playing for an hour or so I've noticed on many occasions that graphics just aren't loading correctly, I cant really give specifics as its happening for everything, rocks, trees, NPC's, items in the inventory (you can have a good look at items here so that's where you'll notice it more closely) etc textures are just flat an blurry, draw distance is horrible (about 5 meters) then npc's start going blurry and look like something out of a PS1 game, also the day 1 patch has not fixed any of these issues as I played it before and after and its still the same.

Also while I'm at it the combat animations are fluffed up, dunno how to describe it but yeah just have a look"

norman292295d ago

Some images i took, not very good as im using a mobile but its all i have at the mo

ddurand12295d ago

it really doenst look that bad to me.

qwertyz2294d ago

both versions are the same and the 360 version playing off disk and installing doesn't cause any issues those who have played it know what I'm talking about the site that posted this stuff was just talking smack.

Just like a site said that the ps3 version of RAGE would be superior to the 360 version and will have higher res textures and at the end we all found that to be a lie because even the 360 version without HDD install didn't have as many texture pop-ins as the ps3 version that has a mandatory 8gb install digital foundries also confirmed the 360 version to be technically better as it didn't drop resolution as much as the ps3 version

if you're confused wait for the digital foundries face-off if you have a pc version it looks a generation better than the console version maxed out setting AF,AA to max and resolution to 2560cx1600p raises the bar even further...PC FTW!!!

DarkSymbiote2295d ago

Then why the f*** do I keep experiencing this? They should get someone who has actually worked on the game to comment and be truthful about it.

lastdual2295d ago

Exactly. The fact is, Pete has been wrong before and contradicted himself on several occasions. He's a PR guy, not a developer, and since it's his job to market the game, taking his assurances seriously is a bit hard at this point.

Let's just hope that this will get patched if the problem persists.

yesmynameissumo2295d ago

I'd feel better if a tech explained it, rather than PR and Marketing simply saying:

"No, it doesn't work like that. Installing is fine. Playing off disc is fine."

If that's the case, why is there proof to the contrary? Still, Skyrim is getting scooped up (once my DCUO addiction has calmed down).

vikingland12295d ago

I will find out for myself at midnight GMT if this is true with all xboxes,it sounds to me that it's not all xboxes which I don't understand why .

SITH2295d ago

I could care less how it does not work, I will play from the disc and enjoy the game. I have already heard from a friend playing skyrim, that it loads fast from the disc.

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