Next Major PSN Update (4.0): What Sony Can Learn From Xbox Live Today?

Pinoytutorial: After the list of social-features infused by Microsoft to Xbox Live Arcade today, one can't help but to ask if Sony will add these options for its next major Playstation Network update.

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Wizziokid2445d ago

I really like that image of the XMB, sony should do something like that for sure!

CynicalVision2445d ago

It's probably too late in the lifecycle for such a drastic change, maybe for the Playstation 4? It does look good though, I'd love that kind of update!

yesmynameissumo2445d ago

If MS can change the 360's dash 3 times in 6yrs (with the next change coming this month), I don't think it's too late in the lifecycle for an XMB refresh.

caseh2445d ago


You do realise thats what you're PSN has looked like since you took it out of the box right?

Wizziokid2445d ago

I'm guessing you don't see the differences?

here's the actual PSN, now compare it to that one and you should see a difference, it looks more polished and I like the top bar showing messages etc.

caseh2445d ago


Fully aware of what PSN looks like, had a PS3 for about 4 years now.

But Wow, what a massive difference that little notification makes in the top right-hand corner...hardly smashing the boundaries of functionality is it.

Oh by the way, your linked image doesn't work.

CynicalVision2445d ago

I like how they've earned an Uncharted trophy while playing Call Of Duty. :P

WitWolfy2445d ago

Thats the first thing I saw! I was like WTF... An Uncharted trophy in a FPS shooter???

Focus2445d ago

How about not updating the system every 15 minutes?

NarooN2444d ago

This joke is retarded, always has been. The updates are pretty infrequent, and most of them aren't even required for you to sign in.

lumley6662445d ago

sony dont need to learn anything from xbox live, there pretty much on par with each other, after owning both systems in my opinion psn is far more feature rich with software including things like playstation home which i love, i also much prefere the ps3 xmb to lives masses of boxes tht i just found hard to sifle through, i like the smart and sleak ps3 xmb, tho ps3 is missing the cross game chat it was something i never used with my xbox so its a feature i never missed. all this is strictly my opinion so if u prefere live, good for u lol

Si-Fly2445d ago

I'll never get back the time I wasted downloading playstation home, it seemed like such a good idea before I found out it was full of geeks dancing at each other.

WitWolfy2445d ago

lets not forget guys pretending to be girls hahaha

lumley6662445d ago

ye thats true it is full of idiots, but iv met some really good people on there, im 25 and quite mature, i dont play any of the crappy games on there, but its nice to chat on there. i love psnhome, dont go on every day but all the decent people on my friends list have come from psn

candystop2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Oh lumley you're trying to hard lol.

lumley6662445d ago

trying to hard? with what?

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