Origin Offers 3 Exclusive Christmas Deals

Origin today has launched 3 Christmas deals that are almost too good to miss. The highlight is the Need For Speed package in which for $79.99 you receive 7 titles in the series including the upcoming Need For Speed: The Run.

Check it out!.

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LightofDarkness2385d ago

Might as well add US exclusive to that. F**k Origin. Every single sale or deal so far has been US exclusive, way to not-so-subtly say the rest of the world doesn't matter, EA.

At least on Steam the sales are worldwide.

PeZuS2385d ago

And the price is ridiculous in Europe. 50 Euros for BF3? Fuck that...

--Onilink--2385d ago

and Central America and Puerto Rico are still treated as if we were in you could basically say prices are ridiculous in Europe, Central America and Puerto Rico

GrumpyVeteran2385d ago

^ Yep, Origin is shit, all coupons have nearly been US only etc. Fail origin.

Bolts2385d ago

You call this a sale? $79 for a bunch of shitty NFS games are you shitting me Origin!? Steam have the entire ARMA series for 50% off right now. I can pick up the latest ARMA 2 game for $9 or buy them all for $30.

Let me know when Origin have a sale that isn't a rape fest then maybe I'll actually give a damn about this shitty DD service.