Skyrim Morality Issues: Beating a Female NPC Up To The Point Of Killing Her?

Pinoytutorial: On your quest of finding Gwendolyn (NPC), there's a part where you can actually beat her to the ground or kill her instantly by chopping her with your weapon.

So do you think Skyrim will face some ethical-related issues with this? Show your comments below

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potedude2445d ago

So if I were a female character beating a male to the ground it would be ok? I don't have a problem with the video, don't really think it is a morality issue.

In oblivion you could kill them and steal their clothes so they were left in panties, I think that is a bit more dodgy.

But the game looks sweet doesn't it? Can buy it here (10th) but instead I am writing an essay (and sneaking on to N4G)...

MajorJackHoff2444d ago

That's it, I'm making a Redguard that looks like Chris Brown just because of this stupid article.

TenSteps2444d ago

I see your Chris Brown and raise you an Ike Turner

MajorJackHoff2444d ago

Hoho, well played, sir.

But now I play my hidden card! GO BOBBY BROWN!

thebudgetgamer2444d ago

Sorry Ike Turner is the royal flush of spouse abuse.

caperjim2443d ago

I agree potedude. Violence is violence. It dont matter what sex is beating who. Its still equally wrong.

In TV sitcoms you always see some guy getting smacked by a female and everyone thinks its funny but if a man did it to a female its terrible. Sure a man is "usually" stronger but that dont have nothing to do with it.

What is good for one gender should be fine for the other. Equality for all!!

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dangert122445d ago

Well 90% of the in game people being abused is male.
fighting games,war games etc, stop complaining

Wintersun6162445d ago

We've been doing that for ages already, ever since GTA3 at least comes to mind immediately. And are you saying that killing women is less moral than killing men?

thebudgetgamer2444d ago

I believe in feminism, so equal murder for men and women.

MajorJackHoff2444d ago

I beat up girls in game so I don't have to do it in real life.

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The story is too old to be commented.