GamePro: Review: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

GamePro: I wonder what would happen if Thomas Wolfe, the novelist who originally uttered that one "can't go home again," found himself in a GameStop circa 2011. I have no trouble grasping the underlying intention of his oft-used idiom -- that what's happened in the past should be left there, as it only lives on through our memories and lingering regrets -- but I've just wrapped up my fourth re-skinned video game re-release in as many months. And just like every other title I've recently re-discovered under deadline, the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection has transported me right back to where I was when I first played each of its up-rezzed entrants upon their original releases.

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towelie12882439d ago

picking this up soon on 360

Yi-Long2439d ago

... when I'm in Hong Kong next year, IF it has an option for the original japanese voices with english subs.

Captain Qwark 92439d ago

i did, started the 3rd one becuase i never finished it. love the story and the game-play elements ( surving, sneaking, camo management, curing, etc ) so far but the controls are horrendous, if they were smoother like mgs4 it would easily be 1 of the top games ever for me. unfortunately 4 hrs later im still battling with the controls, somebody tell me why, in order to aim accurately with an assault rifle i need to equip it, then press the left thumbstick, then hit the right bumber, then the left bumper, then x :/

2438d ago