Interview With Santa Monica: StarHawk is WarHawk on Crack

Harvard Bonin from Santa Monica studios details out what we should expect in StarHawk, and its edge over predecessor, WarHawk.

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Cosmit2200d ago

I'm glad I got the beta from the Uncharted 3 game. Hmmmm....crack? Why crack? :P

BitbyDeath2200d ago

I think they just meant to say that it is OVER 9000!!!!!

FragGen2200d ago

So, being on crack is a good thing? I'm confused!? LOL.

XDF2200d ago

Warhawk was awesome. Can't wait for this game. And it is from Santa Monica, who also made the underrated Kinetica on PS2, definitely checking it out.

andron6662200d ago

It's positive to be on crack, will Starhawk have bad teeth falling out of it's

brew2200d ago

Can't wait. I hope they nail the 3rd person shooting controls for the rifles because it looked like it needed a lot of work in the past.

ginsunuva2200d ago

I like Warhawk, and I like crack!

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