Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Game Fixes (Crashing, Lagging, Launch Failure, etc)

CoD MW3 is finally out! With all the excitement that has been built around this release, some people are becoming impatient towards the errors or problems that they may encounter in this game and are giving up on it. This guide will try to aid you in fixing any crashes, freezes, or other problems you may encounter for Call of Duty Modern Warfare that you can start murdering your friends!

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RedDead2143d ago

How in Zeus's name can they release this add on with so many bugs....4 times in a row? How?

JellyJelly2143d ago

More interestingly, how come none of the reviewers mentioned this?

Vortex3D2142d ago

I have asked such question and guess what, fans of the game will reply that at launch, it's okay to forgive broken game and hope the bugs get fixed later.

In other words, reviews don't need to reveal if the game is very buggy.

Septic2143d ago

To be honest, I have played this for two days and have been impressed with how smoothly it runs. I haven't encountered any lag whatsoever (although the usual host quitting to dashboard ending the game has happened).

The connection has been unusually stable. Everyone has full green bars and its running quite well.

benderx2143d ago

Yeah -- as the initial buzz over the game dies down, there are less people trying to hop on every second so things should be getting even better as weeks move on.

Vortex3D2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

I'm still amazing gamers still asking why there are so many bugs on the launch. Simple answer is gamers can't wait to play it.

As long gamers are willing to give the publishers their money on half baked games, why would the publishers ensure the product is well polished?

Whenever I say this, I get more readers disagree with my comments because having to wait for more polished game is not an option. I guess as long gamers have no self control to wait on the game quality, games will continue to ship buggy.

Naota2143d ago

These games are sweet. 8) See the invisible man?

BabyTownFrolics2142d ago

9.3 million sales says people dont give a f_ck

2142d ago
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