Interview: Naughty Dog’s Keith Guerette Says Uncharted 3 Better Than Uncharted 2

Just Push Start had a chance to interview the Lead Effects Artist for Uncharted 3, Keith Guerette about Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Included in our interview is his reason for why Uncharted 3 has no PlayStation Move support and reasons why he thinks Uncharted 3 is a better game than Uncharted 2. He also mentions Naughty Dog doesn’t intend to “simply regurgitate a recipe to pump out a new game”.

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DonaldBeck2418d ago

well uncharted 3 has an average of 94.100 and uncharted 2 has 96/100 not much, i prefer both. uncharted 3 is technically the most advanced and brilliantly detailed game ever made for consoles. uncharted 3 ///SPOILERS\\\ has its moments where you question how did a console do this? like the horseback riding, the ships crashing, the burning building ect.

qwertyz2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

no UC3 is 92 on metacritic

while UC2 is 96 on metacritic

so according to critics UC2>UC3

by the way almost all AAA games released on pc over the last 4 years looks much better than UC3 and every other console game. For the worst looking ones all you need do is set resolution to 2560x1600(4.44times the pixel count of UC3s 720p res) use 16x AF texture filtering and ma out AA and even modern warfare 2 destroys UC3 with this trick. quite a number of games on pc even make UC3 look worse than last generation when maxed out 1080p its humiliating.

by the way UC3 just like all console games uses LOW res alpha effects and textures and drops below 30fps when under pressure(check out the digital foundries tech analysis you'll see that UC3 does drop frame rate at times) the game is also terribly linear and scripted with weak AI. In my opinion killzone 2/3 are more technically impressive as they do much more.


nothing aside from BF3 beats UC3 ? LOL you ust gave yourself away you really do not play any other pc games in that case and rely on compressed youtube vids to see what every other pc game look like OR you are simply a console owner that doesn't play on pc AT ALL

you're saying uncharted 3 looks better than

crysis 1
crysis warhead
crysis 2
shogun 2
witcher 2
gta iv with mods
doom 3 with mods
bad company 2 directx 11

and a few other top teir pc games ? you don;t know what your talking about because even bulletstorm, gomefront, call of juarez 1 or red faction guerilla pc look MUCH better than ANYTHING on consoles

ps3 just like 360 isn't even as powerful as top tier 2005 pcs and only has 512mb ram thats been outdated since 2004 LOL thats the reasons consoles cannot maych pc if you take an ultra spec 2005 pc and optimize for it the way devs optimize for consoles you'll get much better visuals than UC3 as those pcs have far more ram and higher peak performance than consoles. pc has been a generation ahead of consoles since 2009

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chaldo2417d ago


Oh yes, UC2 has a higher score so UC2 is way better huh? :I

Also, You do realize MetaCritic has missed a BUNCH of 100's and high 90's right?

DonaldBeck2417d ago

meta is a joke, uncharted 3 is at 94.

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hiredhelp2417d ago

I dont know sp i connected more on UC2 felt more interactive nethan was more witty he doesnt talk half as much as UC2. Mmm i liked the way UC3 showed the story on nethan from a kid being taken under the wing. Na cant stop thinking of great moments in UC2

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