IGN - L.A. Noire Creator Working on "One of the Great Untold Stories of the 20th Century"

Luke Reilly: Brendan McNamara, writer and director of The Getaway and L.A. Noire, is making a video game based on what he's described as "one of the great untold stories of the 20th Century."

Speaking to the former Team Bondi boss at the Bradford Animation Festival 2011 Eurogamer reports McNamara hopes to be able to talk about the game within a matter of weeks.

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potedude2321d ago

Well I liked LA Noire so I think they could do a good job on this one too. I wonder what it is though, maybe the Michael Jackson story? lol.

The Mary Celeste? That one is untold, would make a good game too, some horror elements and a lot of exploring? Who knows...

Stuart57562321d ago

The Mary Celeste! That would be one hell of a topic for Uncharted 4, that or Atlantis. A bit off topic, however after all the LA Noire dev scandal it's likely that Brendan McNamara will be working on this project alone, expect a release in 2032.

potedude2321d ago

lol, I dont think many epople would want to work for him. Apparently he was a bit of a prick.

And Atlantis would work well for UC4, I think they are running out of places to host more adventures.