IGN - A Trip Through Tribes: Ascend

Nick Kolan: Speed is fun. No, I'm not referring to amphetamine, I am talking about the act of moving at high velocities. And by throwing something explosive into the mix, say, a gun that shoots exploding blue disks, the fun is amplified. That's the general philosophy of Tribes: Ascend at least, which sends players hurtling across vast, hilly fields and breakneck speeds in the hopes of blowing each other to bits and grabbing the enemy flag.

And it's free. Tribes Ascend is taking the League of Legends approach and selling character "loadouts" for real cash, or tokens you can earn by playing matches. Having spent the last few days skiing down slopes and cuttin' fools down with a variety of weapons, I feel like I have a fairly solid grasp of what Tribes: Ascend has to offer.

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