MW3 Dev Begs for Help With Low Metacritic User Score

Luke Reilly: Sledgehammer Games' Glen Schofield has taken to Twitter to ask Call of Duty fans to support Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on Metacritic.

"I don't usually do this but, if u like MW3 go 2 & help our user score," writes Schofield. "It's suspiciously low. Be honest but help if u agree."

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Dante1122443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Lol, I thought users were just rating down the game on one system, but from what I checked, the PS3, Xbox360 and even the PC version has been ravaged. This gen sucks so bad. What the heck has happened to gamers? I don't think it was this petty last gen.

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Jonah_Reese2443d ago

What happened to gamers? The same thing that happened to any and all communities, the internet. Granted it's just a tool or instrument but that's all this is needed for fakes to ruin something.

gamingdroid2443d ago

nah, the internet just allowed people to express their true personality without repercussion.

it's not the internet, IT'S THE PEOPLE!

mugoldeneagle032443d ago

As of now it has 1,167 negative reviews & 377 positive one. So your talking about A LOT of negative fake accounts when there could be just as many favorable reviews.

I mean, the game sold 9 million copies on day one...And Metacritic is a pretty well known site I'd say.

Also in comparison BF3 has 297 Positive and 84 negative. Those 9 million MW3 copies were sold to fans of the game who could have just as easily posted negative reviews for BF3 as well.

Obviously the most popular title will get the most hate, but still seems like it wouldn't be horribly off. Maybe 50/50?

killerhog2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

This doesn't happen in other genres, just look at: heavenly sword, forza 4, gt5, street fighter, Alan wake, etc.. All those mention games have a majority of legit user reviews. It's the damn tps and fps fans that need to grow up. Which they won't with jerk-off companies like EA and Activision adding fuel to the fire.

Edit: it might just be cod and bf fans that need to grow up, as other fps and tps games have legit reviews. Gears 3, gow3, uc3 all have legit reviews. But as someone ontop stated codmw3 is just a rehash the scores could be real. And the bf 3 low scores might actually be upset fans who didn't like EA's direction with it.

Iroquois_Pliskin2442d ago

maybe people got tired of buying the same old recycled game

ScubbaSteve2442d ago


Look at Dragon Age II. That one was about as low when it first launched. This generally happens if they make fans angry enough. MW3 just happens to be the main corporate FPS making it a good target. Not to mention many people hate Activision.

BattleAxe2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Just a guess, but I'm sure that many EA employees have probably helped with the low user score.

princejb1342442d ago

@ Iroquois_Pliskin

if people got tired why would it have so many sales on day 1

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Smkt2443d ago

metacritic user reviews don't really matter, and besides the game did 9+mil units on day 1 despite the low scores. so who cares?

J_Cob2443d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. The majority of people that buy games don't go to Metacritic. They buy what they like regardless of what others think. Besides, it's such a small number compared to the amount of people that actually buy the games.

raWfodog2442d ago

I was going to say the same thing. If he thinks its 'suspiciously' low and think that a lot of people are purposely voting it down to be spiteful, all he has to do is point at the scoreboard and smile.

farhad2k82443d ago

All those sad lonely BF3 players, you know, the ones who are 30 years old an have no wife an no contact to their family? The ones who have no job, and live in one room?

Yeah, they're the reason this game got such a low score. They're meant to be playing BF3, but instead, they go online adn try to look for ways in which they can hate a game which has more sales than the amount of hair he has on his body.
Fact people, Fact.

ndl15312443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

lol you think its bf3 haters? what about the fact people realizing that its the same dam rehash every year? really doesn't matter to go on metacritic and cry about it though because the dumb sheep already bought it . they should have voted with their wallets now they are stuck with that trash . your probably the little snot nosed pimple faced teen talking smack online huh? how funny that you tell your little story and try to pass it as fact .

Biggest2443d ago

My house. . . It has one room. My wife. . . She is not real. My communication devices. . . They are actually string cheese. My job. . . Is being unemployed.

Does that make you feel better about your $60 expansion pack, farhad2k8? I bet a simple tank in your totally awesome maze room sniping from 7ft away game would make you feel better.

saint_seya2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

i have 29, i have a job, im ok with my family, my house has only 10 rooms.. i have no wife (just cause i love to be single)... and i like bf3. That makes me go to sites like metacritics to bash (or to be honest(?)) about a game that looks like dlc more than a full game? Na im old enough to avoid that, just kids that need to ask their parents everything do that kind of thing.
I dun like the way activision milk cod, but if people like it still like that, who am i to say something?
I know that sounds to mature for u to understand.. maybe some day kid!

hiredhelp2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )


Who gives you the right to judge like that, man im sure if you said that to my face you wouldnt want to the second time.

I love my son and my partnet but i also love the choppers and jets flying over my head while tracers flying past me as i hit the dirt.
With real lighting real physix,real shadows and better scaled map's. Cant wait for my FREE 4 maps and new vieachles and new guns in back to karkan.

Oh BTW as for cod reason why its bit of let down cos it was what we all expected. Not just bf players

Eiffel2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

So anyone who is a fan of Battlefield is 30 years old, have no wife, no contact with their family, no job and live in one room?

Seems logical to me. If not a compliment. 30 year old's playing a challenging game? Sounds right to me, old school players actually play 'hard' games. No wife? Bachelor life. No contact with their family? Sounds like paradise. No job? So like a majority of people in this world? Living in one room? Like a bedroom? Hurr durr.

I could easily replace BF3 with COD and people would agree based purely on factual example, maybe change the 30 to 13.

theonlylolking2443d ago

Stop acting like it is not BF3 peeps. There is way more hate on COD by BF players than COD players hating BF. There is no way that just a few hours after MW3 gets released people who bought MW3 would give it that low rating. That is like jumping into one game online, play a few minutes of story mode and special ops then decide to go online and rate the game very low.

That makes no sense so only BF fanboys would be going on it rating it down. Since many people seem to ignore that in BF youtube vids the top rated comments usually go like this"BF>COD" or"wanna hear joke? MW3". Then when you go to COD videos the top rated comments usually are like "MW2.5" or"This video makes me want to play BF3."

There is no way people who buy call of duty pretty much every year are going to say those things.

In the Official Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - The Vet & The n00b trailer the highest rated comments says"This video makes me want to play BF3." and another that says"Thumbs up if you dont have this game and is not willing to buy it."

Both of those have nearly 100 likes. All are hating on COD. Just go to almost every COD and BF video and you will see a trend on how much hate is towards COD. Most of them are probably BF fanboys that think their game is the next big thing.

Biggest2442d ago

To be fair, it is. Next to MW3 you can call BF3 the biggest gotdamned thing. Call of Duty is an awesome game for people that love it or being popular. A few women at my wife's job even bought the game to spend more time with their boyfriends/husbands. It's still a maze shooter with extremely limited options. But, that is okay. You can love MW3 and still be proud of yourself.

finbars752442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Wow a little harsh loser.Might want to retract your comment unless your trying to hits like the devs from MF3.Oh plzzz come and help our score,how sad is that besides your comment farhad.I can just as easily say the same about MWF and all the little twirps who needed mommy and daddy to buy the game for them or maybe you fall in the category for all I know.MWF 3 is just a rehashed cod game like any other year and maybe that's why the scores are low.I have really only seen two real honest reviews I believe they where a 7 and 7.6.How can you justify givivng a game a high review when it's always the same old thing.I could care less about how many it sold.The game is all about quantity not quality.By the way I'm 36 asshole and I have two kids 5 and 9 and married for 6 years with a career job a mortgage and two cars unlike you who probally is either living with there parents where they give you daily baths and spoon feed you until it's time to go to bed and get tucked into bed because you havnt really seen the real world yet.Just pointing out the obvious for you and your comment.

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rdgneoz32443d ago

What happened to gamers? What happened to devs? You have Capcom selling cheat codes and Activision basically announcing a new COD for next year,a few days after MW3 goes retail...

ndl15312443d ago

as long as those dumb sheep keep buying that rehash they will be another . 9 million in one day? WTF is wrong with gamers man seriously . and then you have this lazy dev pleading with people ha what 9 mil aint enough buddy? wow the stupidity of some people is baffling . i just can't believe they already anounced another . cod has just become comercialized crap . at this point they can shove a pice of dog turd in a case and the blind sheep will buy it .

YogiBear2442d ago

I just don't buy the games. I had my fill of COD after the first Modern Warfare. Keep in mind, this is the same company that ran Guitar Hero into the ground and destroyed the music game genre. It's just going to take longer to kill this franchise because so many people like to shoot guns at other people.

SkylineR2443d ago

They're all just a bunch of idiots by doing that. Clearly trolls have made their way to Metacritic and are having a field day.

pumpactionpimp2443d ago

That's a lot of trolls. Consider maybe a majority of people spent $60+ on a game, that promised to re-invigorate the series. But instead found the same thing they've played, for the last 4-5 years, with minor changes, and last gen graphics, and screaming pre-pubescent boys.

Then since they were stuck with they're purchase, they did the one thing they think could help others. Get on the Internet and leave feedback.

I didnt purchase the game, and I genuinely don't care if it's good, or bad. But maybe you should consider that genuine people are unhappy with they're purchase, instead of trolls banding together to smear a game.

YogiBear2442d ago

Publishers like Activision don't care about metacritic or trolls. They care about the cash register drawers opening for their product.

kingdavid2443d ago

What has happened to gamers!!?

You mean developers right?

egidem2443d ago

The score rating is a simple testament of what happens when a bunch of trolling kids decide to go online and abuse the rating system, just because everyone in the neighborhood is doing it.

After trashing the game on a review and giving it a zero, they immediately rush back to play it.

softgrip2443d ago

I have MW3 for the PC. I'd review this game a 5/10. I'm not a hater, I stayed up waiting for the release,and I've played the previous iterations.

In MW3 I've spent some time in the spec ops, and multiplayer.

I feel like I wasted my money on this title, and while I think there are trolls on metacritic, I actually agree with many of the reviews (not the score, but the comment bit).

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bumnut2443d ago

Too late now guys, they already have your cash and will make another COD.

k4rma2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

My score is similar. I gave 6/10 because I love FPS, but the truth is I am pretty jaded on the CoD / MW brand at this point. They milked it too much that each new game feels almost identical to the last.

I think there is a good portion of gamers out there that like new experiences and if games don't deliver then it gets them riled up.

So if the scores are low, then Activision only have themselves to blame I am afraid. You know if they'd put every 2nd game out as an expansion pack instead, I doubt there would be this much hate. Truth is a lot of gamers are just jaded on the franchise now. Its worn out its welcome.

davekaos2443d ago

I dont think people are actually looking into this correctly.

Yes UC2/3 Gears 2/3 etc.. all had a bad review from several users but the overall user review on these games is high, UC3 for example is at 81 meta on users.

MW3 on the other hand has hundreds of users rating MW3 low on all platforms, and thats why its 2.3 or whatever it is.

sure the game does not deserve a 0 out of 10 which people have been giving but the game IMO does not deserve a 7/10. in my honest opinion the game is a 5/6 at best.

The maps are too small and some are tighter than a ducks ass. the VOIP is terrible, P2P client connection is still the massive set back which causes unfair gameplay especially when the host has bad latency.

COD4 was probably the best multiplayer experience this gen, infinity ward should have built on that but instead took a step backwards and made the game generic instead of unique.

Like i said when there are hundreds of people on each platform rating the game low the chances are that the game is poor. This is not fanboys trying to slate a game. This is people who shelled out hard earned cash and got a poor excuse of a game

Deadman_Senji2442d ago

Regarding the UC3 negative user reviews...most of them are 0s with vague "reviews" that basically say stuff like "Gears 3 is much better go buy gears"

manman62443d ago

No matter how low the score is on metacritic the game is going to sell well.

Tanir2442d ago

sorta funny how much people depend on reviews. the game sold whether its s recycled piece of garabage or an actual good game

Blackdeath_6632442d ago

im glad ppl have relaised that activison are just milking for money,creating controversy with every release to create a commotion...this time it backfired

ZippyZapper2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

MW3 360 1,228 low reviews
BF3 360 just 68 low reviews
MW3 PS3 296 low reviews
BF3 PS3 just 38 low scores.

These numbers show one thing. PS3/BF fanboys attack and troll anything 360.

PotatoClock2442d ago

...Or there are more low reviews for 360 because there were more copies sold for 360...

This new COD looks EXACTLY like MW2.
You don't think there would be at least a few annoyed gamers about it who pre-ordered without knowing what it was going to be like?

1,228 is an extremely low percentage of 360 players that bought the game. That number of disgruntled buyers is highly plausible.

NEW-AGE2442d ago

Just for Begging , im going to give them -9000!!!

N311V2442d ago

I see this as a lot of people feeling ripped off. Games are expensive, if you sell customers virtually the same product they've bought in the previous 2 years and call it something new you are asking for trouble. It's not too late for Activision in my opinion but they will definitely have to produce a significantly improved game with MW4, otherwise I envision this as the beggining of the end. Please don't spout sales numbers to me, yes MW3 sold a LOT of copies but now there are a LOT of disgruntled customers.

Trebius2442d ago

They dont have to do anything to improve their game. They can keep rehashing on the same outdated engine and the sheep will buy it and make their pockets fat. Thers nothing we can do about it, ppl just dont understand that supporting companies like the ones that make CoD is detrimental to the gaming industry in general.

geddesmond2442d ago

I think I'll go to meta and give the game a zero just because the dev is asking fans to bring up the rating which is dirty if you ask me. Of course his fans will give the game 10 no matter how good or bad the game is

chriski3332442d ago

theres no begging no mercy for activison this game is a total disappointment these thieves are laughing all the way to the bank with our money F-u call of duty im done!

AliTheBrit4202442d ago

I own the game

Enjoying it too

But this annoyed me, asking people to go and help, he shouldn't be saying anything, that would be the professional thing to do.

So, I created an account at meta, and gave it a 0/10 on all platforms

Why? because I could.

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kaveti66162443d ago

I'm not a fan of Modern Warfare, but I think that the people who scored the game a zero are part of a troubled group. There are a lot of reasons to hate Modern Warfare, but no reason stands out most than the fact that the games are popular and sell well. You don't see this kind of reaction to mediocre games that sell poorly. Therefore, these people are merely hating on success. People argue that this game is ruining the gaming industry. As if this series is the first to be this popular. It has always been this way. Some games sell very well and attract audiences who aren't regular game players. Mario is an example and the Super Mario series has been doing this for decades, yet why do these people think that the Modern Warfare series is the one destroying the industry? Modern Warfare hasn't prevented the creation of many types of games. You guys are just upset that games you think are really great don't sell as well. Again, you're hating on the success of a series you don't like. There's nothing admirable about that. Just get over yourselves, already. Find another hobby if this is getting to you.

irepbtown2442d ago

You are saying Quality < Sales?

Lovable2442d ago

Where in that two words did I said that?

irepbtown2442d ago

You agree with Kaveti6616 who clearly stated:

'There are a lot of reasons to hate Modern Warfare, but no reason stands out most than the fact that the games are popular and sell well. You don't see this kind of reaction to mediocre games that sell poorly'.

Quality by FAR destroys sales/quantity. Look at games like Minecraft, horrible graphics, yet is a brilliant game. Oblivion, same thing. COD4, same thing.

Lovable2442d ago

Where did you get that reasoning? Kaveti's just saying that just cause a series is popular and sell well, people tends to hate on it WHICH he explained as well.

banner2442d ago


that "sales<quality" argument has got to stop...

who are you to tell ppl in the millions that mw3 isnt quality?

you have a hand full of ppl that toss sales out the window because"they" feel mw3 has no quality, the fvcking irony! ppl speak with there wallets its clear that its a great game.. a game with a true 0 for a review will not sell 9 million in 1 day!

its like the lady gaga argument.. "she sells a lot that doesnt mean she has good music" so if she continues to sell in the millions, it means nothing cause you dont like her music?! and no im not a lady gaga fan.. i know im going to get banned but it has to be said..

a lot of gamers act like straight bitches.. "the game only sells cause everyones a sheep" then get the fvck off my grass and do you..

irepbtown2442d ago


I have no problem in one liking MW3. What I have a problem with is when people say 'It sold well that means it is a great game' which is not right to say.

I not a huge fan of the COD series (except COD4 my fav), because i've been disappointed over and over again. I thought MW3 would be different AND it is, but not enough.
There are positives I give you that.

Lovable2442d ago

Again, read what Kaveti said. You kept on insisting your argument when it wasn't even in Kaveti's post to begin with.

Also, re-read what banner said as well while you're on it. WHO ARE YOU to tell people what quality is? GTFO.

irepbtown2441d ago

I've clearly read both comments thoroughly.

And it's obvious, sales does NOT mean quality. If you disagree with that then you might as well gtfo.

And you two getting that many dislikes clearly proves my point. So jog on mate.

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Dante1122443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

@ kaveti

True, but I don't think that that's the only big reason why MW3 is being rated down (Jealous of sales). I didn't want to put any group out there but I think the Battlefield fans are doing this. In a way, I kinda hold the gaming media responsible for starting this whole BF3 vs MW3 beef to begin with, but you would think people would know better than to fall for that type of hype. It's pretty sad because both games are good.

Tachyon_Nova2443d ago

I agree but disagree. I am almost 100% sure it is Battlfield bandwagoners who are doing this, not actual Battlfield 'fans'. The things is, as of BF3 there are more bandwagoners than actual fans of the series when it comes to Battlefield.

radphil2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

"Therefore, these people are merely hating on success. People argue that this game is ruining the gaming industry. As if this series is the first to be this popular. It has always been this way. Some games sell very well and attract audiences who aren't regular game players. Mario is an example and the Super Mario series has been doing this for decades, yet why do these people think that the Modern Warfare series is the one destroying the industry? Modern Warfare hasn't prevented the creation of many types of games."

Because Mario has been in different genres, and some games in the same genre changed it up to feel different.

For a game like MW that rakes in billions, and they go cheap on quality by going annual with the series kinda assists in the dislike of the game.

The main point is that the potential of so much improvements, and yet they aren't taking that advantage.

I'm not saying MW3 is horrible, but at the same time, people should look at the games for what they are, and not the hype/hate behind them, which is the issue at hand.

The other reason I feel behind success is the mainstream of people it brought in of the masses.
Overall, i think in general the masses tend to be ignorant in what they get into, whether it's celebrities, politics, etc.

It's like "Hey this celebrity is playing this game, so it must be cool.", or the "My friends play it so I must too", rather than sitting back in a logical sense and make up their minds. Some people call this the "sheep" mind. I just call it trend following.

mendicant2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

"I'm not saying MW3 is horrible, but at the same time, people should look at the games for what they are, and not the hype/hate behind them, which is the issue at hand."

And these people have decided with their wallets and their time what it is they want to buy/play. It isn't that they don't "know any better" or any crap like that, they like what thy like so lay off of them already. It drives me crazy listening to some of you a-holes talk as if you know what's best for peoples game purchases.

It's the "gamers" of today that are the problem. Elitist, condescending, rude, manipulative-it's freaking sad how it is now.

Fanboys are another issue, ps3 only gamers in particular. The cult like mentality to these machines and games is missing the point of gaming all together. How can you call yourself a gamer and say that you want to see the industry grow and change when all you do is talk shit all the time?

Gamers back in the day new what the deal was. Those were the days. I appreciate the products and technology that we have now but the gamers themselves freaking suck.

Why o why2443d ago

@ mendicant.

people who only see and remember one sides frailties are the fools. just saying. your comment is so hypocritical its alarming. all sides talk crap. get up to speed dude and notice there's a lot of back n forth here from exclusive being the be all and end all to now being unimportant. same with graphics and achievements and rumble. both sides are guilty and you continue to show how you are and act like what you loathe.. smh

in regards to why a dev would care its simple. things like reviews and meta can sway opinion. the media is here to inform and manipulate. nothing new

Majin-vegeta2443d ago


*It drives me crazy listening to some of you a-holes talk as if you know what's best for peoples game purchases. *

I talk sh*t on people who buy cod not because they enjoy playing the game the problem is this crap is holding the industry back with it's rehashed maps,overpriced dlc,overshadowing better games which in turn some don't sell well and they are forced to be shut down etc.

Also if this Elite crap takes off and then other devs are gonna wanna pick up on this stupid crap and they're gonna want to start releasing yearly as Activision with some kind of stupid service like Elite.Now picture the gaming industry 10-15 years from now all we will be buying is pretty much the f**king disk empty and having to churn out more $ to unlock the story and the multipalyer.

So before you start calling people a-holes you should think about what's best for the future of the gaming industry and the gamers.

K thnx bye.

banner2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )


Soooo... Cod is holding the industry back? One franchise...

Care to point out how kz3, gears 3, uc3, batman ac etc. have been held back? Your just mad at success, plain and simple....

Stop being so damn ignorant by trying to act as if by buying mw3 the gaming industry is going to fall apart.

I'm buying mw3 tomorrow..... I hope that just ruined your day some more.

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radphil2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

"And these people have decided with their wallets and their time what it is they want to buy/play. It isn't that they don't "know any better" or any crap like that, they like what thy like so lay off of them already. "

Again, I'm going to using the smoking example. People still use that stuff, but cancer issues are a heavy problem within that, and yet people still decide with their wallets.

Or the whole oil industry situation. We have alternative resources to use, but they still decided with their wallets.

Edit: That's what I'm getting at. It's more about trends with today's games. 1/2 the time companies go off of "brand name" than that of content.

Also those same "gamers" of today, is also a bigger chunk of the new populous that was the public i spoke of earlier. Many of them are outspoken, and flat out vocal, than actually sitting down and logically thinking stuff. I mean constantly I see articles about "Why X game is better than Y game" from the media, and it catches those same attentions of those people.

One other reason why people have this as a big issue, is that it's not a secret that other companies try to copy the success of others, and THAT is a fear of what others get into. It's not just about the success of one game, it's that POSSIBILITY that others will try to blend those same formulas.

There's legit complaints, and there's just the random outburst of illogical hate, but those with legit complaints are just lumped into the same of those with flat out hate. It works both ways in this situation, cause you have the same that just praise it "just because".

mendicant2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Those are two horrible examples. You're comaparing entertainment purchasing choices to complex issues with health and energy? I know what you're attempting to do, but lets have some perspective.

Take the cancer example. Smoking is bad for your health but it isn't the governments job to step in and stop you or harass you for chosing to purchase it. People have the right to be stupid, you can't save them all.

Again the example is...whatever, but CoD is nothing like that.

I bought MW3 knowing exactly what I was getting. A cool looking modern military fps with over the top set piece action sets and addictive mp. I got exactly what I paid for, a refined CoD experience. I'm not complaining, millions of other satisfied fans are complaining so what's the big deal?

I've been gaming longer than most of you have been alive. I know what makes a great game, I understand the indsustry, but more importantly I know what I like and I know what I want. More of the same isn't bad when it's done right. There is room for ALL types of gaming needs to be fulfilled so come off of your high horse. I play and more importantly BUY a lot of different types of games. I'm a gamer, I support the industry.

I can enjoy UC2 just as much as I can Chakan: The Forever man. It's about having fun; sure you can get deep on the topic of gaming but it should never get so "deep" that gamers turn into jerks and ruin everyones fun. That's not cool and that's what's happening.

Quartx2443d ago

So apparently your opinion is greater than everyone else's, cause you believe to know what makes a great game?

radphil2443d ago

Just a few things from here, yes there not the best of examples, but the point I'm getting across is that a nice chunk of people get these types of games, cause of a "trend" situation.

Just recently one form of advertisement that just showed up was for the new Jeep Wrangler, but they smacked MW3 all over the place.

The other thing, is that I already explained what the problem CAN be:

"One other reason why people have this as a big issue, is that it's not a secret that other companies try to copy the success of others, and THAT is a fear of what others get into. It's not just about the success of one game, it's that POSSIBILITY that others will try to blend those same formulas. "