Black Friday 2011: Walmart offers $200 Xbox 360, PS3 bundles and more

XMNR: Walmart avoided the hassle of its Black Friday deals leaking this year by detailing all of its deals late Wednesday night and we've rounded up all the gaming deals that are coming on November 25. How does a $200 Xbox 360 with a $50 Gift Card sound or a $200 PS3 Holiday Bundle?

There are also some amazing deals on Battlefield 3, Batman: Arkham City, Gears of War 3, Forza 4, inFamous 2.

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xtheownerzx2324d ago

These aren't bad at all for people buying consoles this holiday season.

Godchild10202324d ago

Does anyone know if these deals will apply if I order online. I want to make some purchases at work and don't want to miss the chance to get both console at a steal.

Queasy2324d ago

The 4GB Xbox 360 with Gears 3 and a $50 Gift Card is confirmed as an online only deal. Don't know about the rest.

Jagsrock2324d ago

not bad, Arkham city for $28 is pretty nice as well.

DonaldBeck2324d ago

battlefield 3 and mw3 for 28 bucks! thats a steal if i saw one.

Brownghost2324d ago

black ops not MW3, too soon

McFlu2322d ago

not even remotely too soon, most of the games on the list are brand new, black ops is a year old, they just dont want to lower the price because they love their money, even though theyve made well over the the budget, just in the first day. The same goes over at best buy, people at activision are cheap.

Virus2012324d ago

Black Ops
Batman Arkham City
Forza 4
Killzone 3
Battlefield 3
Gears 3

For 28 dollars each?! WOW

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