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Rando Evans states, "Still, if you're the kind of player who likes to fly around, and kill things, and couldn't care less about whose flying the vehicles of destruction, you might find some joy here, otherwise fans of the series and those looking for some substance will be vastly disappointed. But that's not to say Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is completely bad just flawed and a huge step back for a beloved series."

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jerethdagryphon2416d ago

very good review , correct and valid

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SH0CKW4VE2416d ago

I didnt think it was possible but they managed to make dogfights a quick time event....

Also for being only air based the graphics are horrible, you think they could really push the hardware since its only flying they are dealing with.

like most flight games it doesnt feel intense at all and it doesnt capture what being in a dogfight is all about with momentary blackouts etc, its jsut another plane jane liek the last one and before that Over G fighters.

2415d ago