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Honestly, there aren’t enough positive things that can said about Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. The game excels in every possible way and Naughty Dog continues to raise the bar for modern gaming. Uncharted 3 is everything a current generation game should be. The graphics are amazing, the animations are realistic, and the story is compelling. Certainly no game is without its flaw, but Drake’s Deception is as close to perfect as a game gets. Gamers of all backgrounds (except for those who own an Xbox 360) will be blown away by the third installment in an already amazing franchise. If we can expect games to continue along the same path as Naughty Dog’s latest release then there are certainly exciting times ahead for the industry.

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younglj012357d ago

If UC3 keep getting so many perfect scores it may have a chance too break all of UC2 records.UC3 is will better then UC2.

PLayed a game of Plunder in Temple.If you really pay attention you can notice tha simple things in tha animations.ND really change tha format of UC3 and it made it an awesome game.On my second play-through on Hard.Because I heard Crushing was freaking crazy and thats a good thing.

Also kudos on Co-Op every mode seems really different from each other.Arena,Hunter,and Adventure should have develops on how too really push Co-Op.

My name is [Lame]younglj01 and I love owning hip-fire noobs and ruining kill farmers in Plunder.Stop owning noobs and come find my squad and see if you can farm us in plunder.

ChemicalWorld2357d ago

Kill farming in objective games really ticks me off. You just know for a fact that the people that kill farm would have a hard time achieving a decent kill death ratio in standard deathmatch or free for all. I'm currently holding back from the multiplayer till I finish my first playthrough, been too busy getting my platinum for sonic generations.

Nac2356d ago

Am I alone liking UC3 more than UC2?