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Submitted by WillGuitarGuy 1481d ago | video

Player Finishes Super Meat Boy In Under 20 min.

Dualshock Nexus: According to the guys at Team Meat, this speed run is the fastest anyone has beat the game. The player also says that this playthrough beats his old record by 46 seconds. Check out the video below. (PC, Super Meat Boy, Xbox 360)

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Winkle92  +   1481d ago
Watched the whole thing. Man he is like a machine. He makes one of the most difficult, frustrating games look only mildly soul-crushing. Props.
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Camb31691  +   1481d ago
I remember when I first started playing this game. Took me forever.... this is crazy. What a pro!
andron666  +   1480d ago
Damn. I haven't got the patience to complete the trial even. Not my type of game...

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