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Final Fantasy is one of the most critically acclaimed and successful video game franchises of all time. It's also been praised for its fabulous music, most of it composed by the legendary Nobouo Uematsu. This music has been played in concert halls across the world, with Uematsu being described as the John Williams of video games. These lists have been done many times before, but I wanted to give my opinion on this great music. This was a difficult list to choose, with there being so many wonderful Final Fantasy tracks. Remember that my opinion may differ from yours.

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Relientk772322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

I am shocked the author has the same opinion as me, and #1 is The Place I'll Return to Someday from FFIX. I love that song and it is easily one of my favorites if not my favorite. I am very happy to see this in the top spot.

I love the soundtracks for FFVII, VIII, IX, and X.

FFIX is probably my favorite, it is just brilliantly epic

FierceAlchemist2321d ago

I'm the one who wrote this article. Thanks for your kind comments. FFIX is also my favorite game in the series. Recently, I watched all the cutscenes from FFIX on youtube and I was amazed at how amazing and moving they still were over ten years later.

dendenmooshi2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

I also liked the list. I liked that you included you're not alone and the FF9 theme as your #1.

Since you're a fan of FF9 I'm surprised that you didn't include the "two hearts not captured" song that played at the end sequence of FF9. That one has a lot of nostalgia in it since it played in arguably the best ending of the whole series. Though, it actually combines two songs.

I also liked a few variations of FF8's romantic "Eyes on Me." Though I can see why you left it off the list, I'm still surprised it wasn't mentioned at all. People usually like it for what it is, or hate it for bringing pop into the series.

TheBlackMask2321d ago song from FF8

FF8 had the best soundtrack out of any other FF game

It saddens me to see how underrated this game actually is when in my opinion it's the best one out of the classic FF games............yes better then FF7 story, character, soundtrack and gameplay wise. All the complaints about FF8 are just exgerated and nit picking....I mean most people come off as they've never finished or played the game before.

FierceAlchemist2321d ago

I played FFVIII to about a third of the way through the game. I enjoyed it, but the characters and battle system weren't as compelling to me as FFIX. I almost put The Man with the Machine Gun and Don't Be Afraid on the list, but I have to be selective when I only have ten spots. I also love The Extreme and Succession of Witches. I'm considering doing a similar Top Ten list for individual Final Fantasy games, and those ones would definitely be near the top for FF8.

dendenmooshi2321d ago

Fisherman's horizon, blue fields, and Eyes on me are my favorites of FF8. They also had pretty good mysterious and ominous "witch" music like "Find your way." But I have to say that FF9 is still my favorite OST. It was able fit the emotion, but it was also able to be a bit playful when it wanted to be.

Hicken2321d ago

I think I have to agree with VIII have my favorite music, and X being a close second. I really would recommend playing it all the way through.

FierceAlchemist2321d ago


Thanks for the comments. I love "Two Hearts Not Captured" and also think FF9 has one of the best endings. I put the vocal tracks from Final Fantasy in a seperate category from the instrumental music. I love "Melodies of Life," "Eyes on Me," and "Suteki Da Ne".